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Air Sofa

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Air Sofa

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  1. Air Sofa

  2. Air sofa- a superior solution for seating and sleeping Air Sofa an Perfect soution for making more space in little living ranges. Indeed, even it gives a superb mix of current style, worth and common sense. What's more, It can be utilized all around and on the water. The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is a definitive seating and dozing arrangement that will furnish you with more space in little lounge rooms furthermore give you an awesome spot to rest. Its appealing outline adds an incredible look to any front room, room, visitor room, entertainment room or any loft.

  3. Air sofa- a superior solution for seating and sleeping 5in1 Air Sofa is gives you a great place to sleep and its innovative design serves a nice look for your bedroom, guest room, living room etc. It is best usable for inside the house, outside of the house, camping and even in the pool. Air sofa Bed has 3 sections, 2 segments which is connected by flexible tubes that holding them together and allows air to easily follow the whole section. Air Sofa Bed is used for when you watching movie, just relaxing in the pool as well you need any time and any place.

  4. Air sofa- a superior solution for seating and sleeping Many families use this air sofa cum bed for their children in living room to keep their expensive sofa set and furniture out of their reach. It is actually quite sturdy and can easily clean with water while expensive sofa set and furniture can be spoiled by children. Also this can be used as a recliner if you turn it over. Our amazing 5 in 1 Air Sofa Cum Bed is a lounge which is very large, comfortable and luxurious to use and is of best imported quality.

  5. Book a Air Sofa Cum Bed Go to Our Website and order here Or Call to Us 08800642712