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The Quo Vadis, Femina? project goal is PowerPoint Presentation
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The Quo Vadis, Femina? project goal is

The Quo Vadis, Femina? project goal is

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The Quo Vadis, Femina? project goal is

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  1. Quo Vadis, Femina?The Vision of Women on Sustainable Life The project Quo vadis, femina? is co-financed by the European Social Fund

  2. The Quo Vadis, Femina? project goal is To develop women’s vision on sustainable life… To identify unresolved issues and stereotypes To build up a team, community, cooperation, solidarity To support creativity, intuition, spirituality To pull down barriers and transgress stereotypes To establish equality for women in professional and family life To think holistically in horizontal, as well as vertical perspectives To issue publications, to increase the general public’s awareness To educate, inform, discuss

  3. SWOT Analysis of the Quo Vadis, Femina?Project Strengths: synthesis, ethics, philosophy – reflections on the sense of life and social values, interactive character, support and interest expressed by the general public, good publicity, research, teamwork, consensus Weaknesses: difficult in an analytical & materialistic society which has problems understanding the need of a personal and social vision, and behaviour based on the principle “You reap what you sow” Opportunities: social awakening, interest in discussion, the need of values other than those offered by consumer society Threats: oftentimes, working women have neither the time nor the interest to think about the sense of life in a world where education is valued more than existence

  4. Specific Areas: Home, housework Economic self-sufficiency Social dependency Who governs the world? Outcomes

  5. Key Activities Team building Round tables Lectures Research and case studies Documentation Promotion Website Processing of the vision developed by women Publication English version International conference Follow up

  6. Lectures on the Quo Vadis, Femina? • Pokec Community Centre, Prague, 6 March 2006 • Culturology Department, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague,20 April 2006 • Gender Studies, o.p.s., Prague,10 May 2006 • Gender Studies Department, Human Studies Faculty, Charles University, Prague, 21 November 2006 • Department of Economics, Management and Human Sciences • FEL ČVUT, Prague,28 November 2006 • Prague Eurocentre,29 November 2006 • Arnika Ecological Association, Prague, 10 January 2007 • Folkenhojskole, Bogense, Denmark, 4 July 2007

  7. Public Presentations of the Quo Vadis, Femina? Project • NGO Fair, Prague, 3 April 2007 • Toulcův dvůr, Ecological Education Centre of the Capital City of Prague, 21 April 2007 • Baby Expo Fair, Prague, 12 May 2007 • Environmental Festival, Prague, 5 June 2007 • Refufest, Prague, 16 June 2007 • Love Your Life Festival, Prague, 27 October 2006 and 23 February 2007 • Area-specific meeting of ecological organisations, Prague, 30 November 2006 and 4 May 2007

  8. Publicity Dotační věstník /Endowment Journal/ Sondy Krásná paní Doba seniorů Děti a my Pražský deník Domažlický deník Týdeník Rozhlas ČRo1 Radiožurnál ČRo 6, Hovory na bělidle Radio Classic FM Radio 1 130 articles and references on the Internet 15 press releases The Quo Vadis, Femina? project was featured in the following media:

  9. Informational Material Informational material Quo Vadis, Femina? leaflet - Czech version - English version Femilisty Newsletter Information panels Posters Invitation to the conference - Czech version - English version Publication order - Czech version - English version Publication - Czech version - English version

  10. Generational Round Tables • 1st Round table for the 48 - 59 age-group February 2006 • 2nd Round table for the 60+ age-group April 2006 • 3rd Round table for the 30-47 age-group May 2006 • 4th Round table for the 18 - 29 age-group June 2006

  11. Cross-Generational Round Tables • 5th RT Cross-generational October 2006 • 6th RT Cross-generational • November 2006

  12. Topic-Based Round Tables • 7th RT Cross-generational January 2007 Topic: Home and housework • 8th RT Cross-generational February 2007Topic: Who governs the world? • 9th RT Cross-generational March 2007 Topic: Economically self-sufficient • 10th RT Cross-generational April 2007 Topic: Socially dependent

  13. Vision Development 11th RT Cross-generational May 2007 Topic: Activities leading to the vision 12th RT Cross-generational June 2007Topic: Vision development

  14. “Quo Vadis, Femina – The Vision of Women on Sustainable Life“Draft to be discussed by the general publicI

  15. “Quo Vadis, Femina – The Vision of Women on Sustainable Life“Draft to be discussed by the general publicII

  16. “Quo Vadis, Femina – The Vision of Women on Sustainable Life“Draft to be discussed by the general publicIII What steps will support and contribute to the achievement of the proposed goal? • Men and women participate equally in the bringing up of children • Men and women engage equally in public life • Domestic and public spheres becoming more interconnected • Housework and child rearing being sufficiently valued by society • Socially handicapped groups of women being sufficiently valued by society • Women being economically self-sufficient and independent • Women being self-confident and realizing themselves • Women cooperating on common goals and projects • Prague being a sustainable city • Men and women cooperating and inspiring each other

  17. “Quo Vadis, Femina – The Vision of Women on Sustainable Life“Draft to be discussed by the general public IV Expected outcomes • Conditions for work from home, part-time jobs, small businesses • Quotas and ethical code in policy making • A female president • Equal salaries for the same work for men and women • Inclusion of housework into GNP/old age pension • Social reform for the benefit of handicapped groups • Ability of women to talk about their problems, verbalize their goals and head towards them • Provision of financial benefit for ecological behaviour, staying on the ecological track • The concept of adjusting public spaces for the benefit of all inhabitants and groups, gender budgeting • Emphasis on ecological and social education

  18. The Publication 4. Case Studies Home: Hausfrau, or Home Management? Who Governs the World? Economically Self-Sufficient Socially Dependent Possible Action: The Way Out of Consumption Hell 5. Vision 6. Possible Action – Change Management 7. Epilogue 8. Acknowledgement 9. Marie Haisová 10. GAIA Agency References Photography Supplement Foreword 1. Endowment Journal Project Summary Project Diary 2. Round Tables 3. Research Authorities’ Opinions Communication Housework vs. Economically (in)dependent Socially dependent Who Governs the World? Czechs – Men and Women

  19. The GAIA Agency’s mission is to seek for new forms of interpersonal communication in the areas of equal opportunities, education, popular cultural activities, and the relationship to nature and among people Programmes: Women and the Environment Greenery is Life Alternatives to a Consumer Lifestyle

  20. Thank you for your attention.Marie Haisová, MBAAgentura GAIA o.s.p.o. box 2106 00 Prague 10Czech Republic +420 774946516