travel voucher reconciliation training n.
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Travel Voucher Reconciliation Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Voucher Reconciliation Training

Travel Voucher Reconciliation Training

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Travel Voucher Reconciliation Training

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  1. Travel Voucher Reconciliation Training

  2. Training Agenda • Introduction (Powerpoint Presentation) detailing the revised process • Where to find the documents • Review of the form and instructions • Questions?

  3. Purpose To introduce a revised, more current method of performing travel reconciliation at WCSU.

  4. Current vs. New Method • Current Method: Travelers provide receipts/supporting documentation to the travel office. Travel office evaluates the receipts, completes the travel reconciliation voucher, and forwards back to the traveler for signature. Traveler signs voucher and sends back to travel office with payment (as warranted) or for reimbursement. • New Method: Travelers will complete the travel reconciliation voucher following the completion of their trip and will submit the voucher and receipts /supporting documentation (with payment as warranted) to the travel office. Travel office will forward payment via check or electronic fund transfer.

  5. Key Aspects - New Process • Designed to: • Improve and expedite flow of travel reconciliation and travel authorization close-outs. • Stay consistent with the processes of the other CSU schools with regards to travel and act in the spirit of the CSU travel manual. • Savings to the University in terms of paper handling and productivity.

  6. General Information • New process would apply to trips with individual travelers. • Group/international travel reconciliation at this time would remain in the travel office due to breadth, scope, and complexities of travel. • Electronic based voucher form for campus wide use has been finalized with instructions for completion. The form and instructions can be found on the WCSU Travel website. • Travel policies and procedures are available on-line in the WCSU Travel Manual at

  7. Key Points • Completed travel voucher reconciliations must be filed with the Travel Office within (15) business days of trip conclusion if a cash advance was provided and within (30) calendar days if there was no cash advance was provided. • Failure to submit the completed voucher forms in a timely fashion will jeopardize a traveler’s ability to obtain further advances and/or reimbursements for future trips.

  8. Key Points – Mileage Reimbursement • For mileage reimbursements, mileage from point-to-point will be determined through the use of “MapQuest”. For travel between the CSU Universities and the System Office from the University, please refer to the mileage chart located in the WCSU Travel Manual. • For travel involving in-state mileage reimbursement only, travelers would continue to use the mileage reimbursement form number located in the WCSU Travel website,