week 10 the influence of american movies n.
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WEEK 10 The Influence of American Movies PowerPoint Presentation
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WEEK 10 The Influence of American Movies

WEEK 10 The Influence of American Movies

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WEEK 10 The Influence of American Movies

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  1. WEEK 10The Influence of American Movies SLIDE 2 Hollywood’s views of other cultures (video: What old movies mean) SLIDE 3 US TV shows in England SLIDE 4 US culture’s world influence what American’s think SLIDE 5 Economics of globalisation and movies(video: MTV) SLIDE 6 MTV SLIDE 7 Alternatives to MTV SLIDE 8 From films to computer games SLIDE 9 Video games and globalisation: Global Arcade SLIDE 10 Computer games and racism

  2. VIDEO – 3-MINUTES: What Do Those old Films Mean? minority images in American films during 1920s-1960s. From Racism on the Silver Screen (ROLL OVER URL TO VIEW CLIPS) For more on Stereotypes visit Trinity College’s site on stereotyping. Test for hidden bias You need to do these tests for next week’s reading # 2 – there are eleven short self-tests – Pick three tests - I do not want your answers but a couple of sentences of what you discovered from each test. VIDEO – 3-MINUTES: CROCODILE DUNDEE Racism and Immigrants ~

  3. . US TV shows in England

  4. US culture’s world influence what American’s think .

  5. American TV Shows in Australia The Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings Information Comparisons of TV in Australia vs British shows

  6. Economics of globalisation and Movie Making The Globalization of Hollywood results in the following: • decrease in job security for American film workers • widening of the wealth gap globally • and merge of cross-culture values and themes in film content. The standard of living in America, was superior to that in Mexico at a ratio of 3 to 1 in 1950, compared to 16 to 1 in the year 2000 BACON, David. "Can Workers Beat Globalization?" in New California Media Online, February 18, 2000. Available online at: <> viewed on Tuesday, November 04, 2003. MTV programs local content see MTV adding a 'made for China' look MTV adding a 'made for China' look

  7. MTV MTV Programs Local Content See MTV Adding a 'Made for China' Look MTV Adding a 'Made for China' Look Rock'n'Roll Enters Iranian Homes at a Rate of 50 TVs Every Working Hour. Estimated Satellite Dishes Being Installed Daily in Iran: 400. Homes Reached by MTV Europe: 65 Million ("Digitations", 1994: 10). In 1981 MTV began a journey into the minds of American youth (Station brochure, 1995). "ONE WORLD: ONE IMAGE: ONE CHANNEL" In 1987 a sister company was set up in Europe. By 1994, MTV Europe (MTVE) had overtaken its American sibling in terms of households reached, to become officially the biggest TV channel on earth. In its various guises - as MTVE, MTV Australia, MTV Japan, MTV South America - MTV spans five continents, is beamed into over one hundred countries, and has potential access to more than a quarter of a billion homes worldwide MTV is owned by Viacom - one of the planet's largest media conglomerates. The very model of a modern multi-national, Viacom own - or at the very least hold majority shares in - Paramount Pictures, the British video rental outlet Blockbuster Videos, the TV channel Nickleodeon, and Simon & Shuster (the world's leading publishing house). From Getting Dumber and Dumber: MTV's Global Footprintby Simon Philo

  8. Alternatives • Iran version of MTVmusic clips • CRW - Clandestine Radio Watch • Afghanistan Inside List • Is the Online Cuban station (run by the US Government) the voice of Cuba? Translate Presidente George W. Bush’s message Babel Fish Translation • Iran television (US) • Tibetan Royal Year of 2129, Year of the Water Horse

  9. From films to computer games Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within released in American cinemas on July 11, 2001 Japanese company Sony owns Columbia Pictures (view one internet user’s comments), the movie's official distributor; in addition, it was the developer of the Playstation, the console platform of the video games that inspired this motion picture

  10. Video games and globalisation • Positive – such as - Global Arcade is a site to play arcade games and learn about globalization and what is happening to people around the world. Some of the games to play: World Trade Organization - Globalization and Silicon Valley- Was Your Dinner Genetically Engineered? • Negative - Study: Video games contain "unhealthy" messages for girls • Slightly over half (54 per cent) of games surveyed contained female lead characters while 92 per cent had male lead characters. • Of games featuring female characters, 38 per cent displayed significant body exposure. • More than half (54 per cent) of female characters were depicted as fighting or being violent. • Fifty-four percent of the games surveyed contained female lead characters while 92 percent had male lead characters. • Characters in Games for Young Children Exclusively White; Nearly All Heroes White; Few Female Characters

  11. Computer games and racism Ethnic Cleansing," a computer game Racism and computer games: Resistance Records