10 everyday habits that cause hair loss n.
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10 Everyday Habits that cause hair loss PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Everyday Habits that cause hair loss

10 Everyday Habits that cause hair loss

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10 Everyday Habits that cause hair loss

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  1. 10 Everyday Habits that cause hair loss

  2. Some people are too curious about their personal healthcare and upkeep so that they make a habit of these extra caring routine but sometimes end up adopting some wrong practices. Hair loss is a common concern for men and women these days. While numerous factors can trigger hair loss counting from Alopecia Areata, traction alopecia, stress, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy, few overlooked everyday habits can also be one of the reasons for hair loss. • People should pay much attention to their daily routine in order to sort out health problems along with hair loss issues. Otherwise, they would be left with the only option of undergoing a hair loss remedies. In this regard, a hair transplant Dubai clinic provides you the best hair loss treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Below are the everyday habits that most people overlook can cause hair loss.

  3. Over styling Tight hairstyles such as weaves, braids, and ponytails put too much pressure on the hair and holding them for a longer period cause hair loss. • Overuse of hair products Hair products such as shampoos, conditioner, gel, and sprays can affect the health of your hair. Upon excessive usage, these might damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss. • Exposure to pollution In the case you live in an area where pollution is a massive problem, it is suggested to cover your scalp while going out. Exposing your head to too much pollution fill your head with too many tiny particles that are damaging for hair follicles.

  4. Too much stress • Stress either emotional or physical is damaging to your health. It does not only cause health problems but also plays a huge role in hair loss. At hair transplant, Dubai clinic, the concerns related to stress are dealt with non-invasive therapies such as PRP therapy, Mesotherapy and laser hair therapy. • Lack of natural oils • Naturally, existing oils in the scalp are necessary for boosting up the growth of hair follicles. In the deficiency of these oils, your hair follicles may not be able to produce the right amount of hair. Since the people with dry skin has very few amounts of natural oils on their scalp and upon cleaning or washing the head, the existing oils might get cleaned, causing follicular damage. Hair trichologist in Dubai suggests adding some oils to your hair care regimen to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

  5. Having a dirty scalp Having unclean and dirty scalp may leave you in deep trouble with too many infections and diseases. Some infections may also damage your hair follicles causing hair loss. • Protein and Iron Deficiency Nutrients are fundamental blocks of hair growth. Some nutrients such as protein, iron, and zinc are very important for your overall health and hair growth. Consuming enough amount of them is necessary to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Hair experts suggest having chicken, egg, and fish in your diet to intake enough amount of protein on regular basis. Some other factors such as childbirth, birth control pills and undergoing a chemotherapy procedure may also cause hair loss. To find out the exact reason behind your hair loss, meet a Hair transplant expert in Dubai. you can avail your FREE session by just contacting us either by filling an online form at our website or calling us on the given numbers.

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