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Retail Shops

Retail Shops

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Retail Shops

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  1. Retail Shops July 2011 Group/Presentation Title

  2. About Retail Shops Group/Presentation Title 1. What are retail shops? Agilent Basic Instrument Division works with distributors around the world to sell handheld test tools for the industrial and electrical tool (IET) market segment. To make this happen, we are focusing on sales and marketing communication tools that are specifically designed for retail distributors. Creative banners, advertisements, merchandising and web tools were created for retail and shop-front use to promote these handheld test tools.

  3. Key considerations for retail shops: Group/Presentation Title The shops are packed with a lot of products of different brands which includes Agilent and its competitors. Shop owners fully utilize every single inch of space to advertise products Customers usually walk in to buy their preferred brand. An interesting retail tool can attract their attention to our brand and get them to ask about our product.

  4. Sample of Distributor Retail Shops Handheld oscilloscope mock-up in front of the shop with LCD TV as the display. Group/Presentation Title

  5. Sample of Distributor Retail Shops Standard layout and look of a retail shop selling handheld instruments. Group/Presentation Title

  6. Sample of Distributor Retail Shops Poster in Simplified Chinese in the retail shop Group/Presentation Title

  7. Sample of Distributor Retail Shops Some of the shops are bigger in size but they sell a lot of products as well. The 3-D concepts can be made into items that are to be placed on the trade counters. Group/Presentation Title

  8. Sample of Distributor Retail Shops Group/Presentation Title