what children at my school think about after school clubs n.
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What children at my school think about after school clubs. PowerPoint Presentation
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What children at my school think about after school clubs.

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What children at my school think about after school clubs.

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What children at my school think about after school clubs.

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  1. What children at my school think about after school clubs. By Harry Boeken Age 10

  2. INTRODUCTION • I wanted to find out if children at my school liked after school clubs. • I also wanted to make other after school clubs for pupils to enjoy.

  3. My research question • What do children at my school think about after school clubs?

  4. INTRODUCTION 2 What I wanted to find out • What kind of after school clubs people do • What types of club they would be interested in. • How many hours of after school clubs they do per week. • How long they think an after school club should last.

  5. Methodology My participants • My participants were all the children in Key Stage 2 (45 children). However I only received 15 back. • I chose these children because I thought they would understand the text. • I also thought older children would give me more ideas about after school clubs.

  6. Methodology 2 My methods • To collect my data I used a questionnaire • I used a questionnaire because they were quicker to do than interviews, and because I could get more responses. • I used mostly closed questions and a couple of open questions where people could write in boxes

  7. Methodology 3 Analysing my data • I collected my data in a tally chart for each question. • I did this because I just had to put marks in tables, so it was simple. • I had a few open questions where people could write their answer. I just listed their answers because I didn’t get many responses.

  8. Methodology 4 Ethical issues • To make my questionnaire ethical, I told participants not to write their name, so it was anonymous. I told them that it would be confidential and I gave them a choice whether to participate. • After I had finished I destroyed the sheets. • I made the questionnaire simple so younger children could read it.

  9. Findings – Question 1. • The most popular club was hockey – 4 children took part • The least popular clubs were football, Lets Get Physical, Art and Hula. Only one person I asked said they took part in these. This may be because some have been running for a while and people are bored. • Out of the 15 people who replied, 3 do no clubs.

  10. Findings – Question 2 • The club most people wanted to see was drama (7 children) • 4 people wanted comic club, 3 First Aid, and 3 skateboarding • The least popular were gaming, gym, music, and cooking (1 child)

  11. Findings – Question 3 • The most common amount of hours was one (6 children) • Least common was 3, and only 2 did 4 • This might be because children may not have a lot of time to do lots of after school clubs, or the clubs might be full.

  12. Findings – Question 5 • Most children think that clubs should last for one hour (10 children) • One thought they should last half an hour, and 3 thought 2 hours.

  13. Findings – Question 6 Do you have any other comments about after school clubs at our school? • Please can we have cooking? • There should be more choice • They are fun • Would like roller skating

  14. Conclusion • I have learnt that most children want to see new after school clubs. • Of the people I asked, the most popular clubs were the new ones (hockey). Perhaps this shows that some people want new clubs. • Most people I asked did an after school club. Only 3 of the people I asked did not do a club. • Most children thought that a club should last one hour . • That was the number of minutes the children did. so that just proves they’re happy with the schedule.

  15. Conclusion 2 • I think that my project went really well. • The hardest part was the tallying. • I would keep all of it the same if I did it again. • If I had more answers it would make it harder because it would be confusing.