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Richmond Municipal Identification Cards

Richmond Municipal Identification Cards. Something we all can use…. Many in Richmond Lack ID. Many immigrants Many children and students Many homeless Many transgender Many indigent Many disabled Many elderly Many run-away youth Many survivors of domestic violence.

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Richmond Municipal Identification Cards

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  1. Richmond Municipal Identification Cards

  2. Something we all can use…

  3. Manyin Richmond Lack ID Many immigrants Many children and students Many homeless Many transgender Many indigent Many disabled Many elderly Many run-away youth Many survivors of domestic violence

  4. Half of the people deported by ICE from Contra Costa County were NEVER convicted of any crime West County Times 02/25/2011 Between April 2010 and January 2011 ICE deported from Contra Costa County 290 persons who were never convicted of any crime. On average: One Contra Costa resident deported each day even though she/he was never convicted of a crime. They were picked-up at county jails by ICE Some were jailed because they did not have an ID to show to law enforcement upon valid request.

  5. There is no law requiring citizens to carry identification of any kind. Nevertheless, “Stop and identify” statutes are laws in the United States that allow police to detain persons reasonably suspected of involvement in a crime and require persons so detained to identify themselves to the police. If the manager of Home Depot receives a complaint from a customer that ‘one of the day laborers’ was committing a crime…can the police detain all in the area and ask for identification?.... It has been known to happen (In Vallejo for instance)…and the ones without a PROOF of ID were sent to county jail for the weekend, and some never made it back: They were deported by ICE!

  6. .if an officer suspects a crime, or you merely refuse to cooperate with his a request for ID… you may be handcuffed, detained, and taken to county jail to process your fingerprints and if you are on an ICE list you may be deported immediately Having a City ID can help avoid cases like that

  7. Many are afraid to report crimes • Without a valid form of identification, many residents • in marginalized communities… • Think they have no right to report crimes, • Feel they have no standing • Are afraid to talk to police officers

  8. Manyare afraid to report housing and labor violations • Blighted rental properties are • not reported. • Slumlords get away with crimes • Workplace health and safety violations, • wage violations are not reported. • Unscrupulous employers get away with crimes.

  9. Many cannot open a bank account Immigrants and day laborers carrying large amounts of cash have been specifically targeted for robbery, assault and violent crimes

  10. Richmond residents who are paid in cash daily (day laborers) are targets as they go home Immigrant day laborers have been targeted and victimized in organized attacks on MacDonald Ave walking from Home Depot and near the Richmond BART station. Many have been hurt during these robberies

  11. Worked all day, all week, and not paid! It happens in Richmond, CA! Unpaid wage incidents, discrimination, and other labor law violations committed by abusive employers. These abuses of labor rights are possible in part because the laborers don’t trust that the police and other authorities will protect them from crimes, violence and harassment.

  12. Richmond Values All Immigrants • In RESOLUTION No 11-07 THE RICHMOND CITY COUNCIL (Jan 2007) • Acknowledges that one fourth of Richmond residents are immigrants who have come to the U.S. in search of better lives for themselves and their families • Welcomes and values all of its residents and • Wantsall residents to live and work free from discrimination, hostility, abuse, violence, exploitation and fear of local, state and federal law enforcement • Recognizesall immigrants for their contributions to our economic and social life • Affirms its desire to foster an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the Richmond Police Department and all residents of the city of Richmond

  13. Undocumented Immigrants are not eligible for a California ID even if they are adjusting their legal status in the courts. While some have foreign-government “Matrícula”/Consular ID , the Matrículas are not available to all foreign nationals and are not widely accepted.

  14. IDs are often required to access goods, services, facilities, institutions, to participate in events and to verify eligibility

  15. Homeless Community Many do not have access to personal records or documents needed to apply for State ID May not be able to pay the fee ($7-$26)

  16. LGBT Community Some are marginalized May have had difficulties changing their name or gender in state issued ID cards May want to have a different gender or no gender listed May not have “medical proof’ to complete change

  17. Children and Youth Some runaways do not have access to personal records or needed documents Many don’t trust state agencies

  18. The Elderly The elderly may face many obstacles to get a state ID even if they qualify for reduced fee

  19. We need a Richmond ID CARD 2400 Macdonald Ave Richmond, CA 94804 For every resident who wants it

  20. And we want it to be modern and with great useful features…

  21. Can Cities provide ID Cards?It is perfectly legal for any City to issue IDsIt does not violate any federal or state lawsWe need an ID Card that is: OfficialFor all residents of the CityRegardless of immigration status

  22. In June of 2009 the City of Oakland adopted ordinance #12937 [introduced by now Mayor Jean Quan and councilmember Ignacio de la Fuente ]to issue Municipal ID CardsOn November 2010 after a bid process Oakland accepted a bid by SFMS, LLC to administer the program and issue municipal ID cards The Oakland-SFMS Approach

  23. The Oakland SFMS proposal combines:1. Municipal Identification Card2. Prepaid debit card (OMIC card by Transfercel )3. Data protected by the Bank Secrecy Act4. $0 cost to the City for lifetime of program

  24. $ Cost of the ID to residents $ The initial cost of obtaining the Richmond Municipal ID card would be $15 for adults $10 for children Special consideration may be made in some cases

  25. MANY SECURITY SPECIFICATIONS 1 . The card is of a certain stock thickness and material 2 . The card stock inventory is laser engraved with a serial number 3 . Fine line pattern background (guilloche graphic created by vector graphic imaging software) 4 . Embedded watermark 5 .Microtext6 . Foil stamp of City Seal 7 . Laser etching 8 . Optical Variable Ink on certain areas of text (when tilted, the card ink turns a different color) 9 . Ultra Violet Ink 10. Holograms on either the card face (if a Visa card) or the magnetic stripe (if Discover card) 11. Tamper proof magnetic stripe 12 . Tamper proof signature panel 13 . Security features vary slightly when card is Discover or Visa

  26. ID number (also known as the ‘Online Account Number’; it is a 14-digit unique identifier of the cardholder. The number can be used to access the cardholder’s account online and during intake or customer support) Full legal name (last name, first name) Date of birth (month/day/year ) Residential address (corresponding to a Proof of Residency) Photo 16 digit card number (corresponding to the prepaid debit account) Expiration date (of the card and account); the Expiration Date is determined by adding two years to the date of issuance Applicant signature Identification Card Specifications 2400 Macdonald Ave Richmond, CA 94804

  27. Recordable, Readable Magnetic Stripe Back side Contains cardholder Information. When swiped, individual’s name, ID number will appear, allowing Police officers, merchants, or City agents to verify that personal information on the face of the card matches the information used to register the card and the prepaid debit account.  The magnetic stripe > facilitates financial transactions for the cardholder, > identifies cardholder at any traditional magnetic stripe card reader. The stripe has several “tracks” which can be programmed to carry specific information

  28. Operational specifications Point of sale (POS) or checkout is the location where a transaction occurs. A salesperson manages the selling process and creates and prints a receipt. If the City chooses a POS system through an acquiring network like the one run by Wells Fargo Bank, the OMIC card by Transfercelas any debit card in that system, can be read on the system without any further integration. SFMS’s OMIC program can be offered on either the Visa or the Discover card networks.These networks include millions of ATM and POS locations throughout the US where the OMIC can be used to make purchases, payments and withdrawals.

  29. PossibleInterfacewith other Systems The Richmond Municipal ID Card could also interface with • The Richmond Library System • City fees and permits • Richmond Museum • East Bay Center for the Performance Arts • West Contra Costa Unified School District • AC Transit • Contra Costa College. • Contra Costa Health Plan

  30. The DEBIT CARDS services ARE NOT required to obtain a Richmond Municipal IDIf not wanted the DEBIT CARD component will remain inactivated until otherwise desiredThere is no fee for enrollment in debit card services

  31. A DEBIT CARD Stored Value Card Services (SVC) The Transfercel OMIC will function on the Transfercel prepaid debit card platform. It will have all the functionality of a ‘signature’ card (as opposed to a PIN card) which in addition to working on the several ATM/POS networks will be fully certified on either the Visa or the Discover network(whichever the City requests). Transactions are verified by both PIN and cardholder signature, increasing the level of transaction security.

  32. With the [Prepaid Debit ] STORED VALUE CARDResidents will be able to use their Transfercel OMIC account to: • Load cash onto their Card via POS at participating businesses • Load checks onto Card at participating businesses • Load the card for free via Direct Deposit • Check balance on internet, IVR and soon, their mobile device • (if signed up for mobile services) • Make purchases at POS terminals and withdraw cash at ATMs • Make purchases and reservations over the phone and internet • Pay bills over the phone, on the internet and through the mail

  33. Also will be able to make • Low-cost domestic and international money transfers • Card-to-card transfers to other Transfercel cardholders in the • US and Mexico (such as friends and family members), as well as • Money transfers to 12 countries • Link it to their cell phone to enable secure mobile financial • transactions • If a Richmond resident’s family member in Mexico is a Transfercel • cardholder, then s/he has the option to select a no-cost insurance, • which would repatriate the remains of the Richmond resident in • case of his/her accidental death (assuming Richmond resident is a • Mexican national). • Other financial services are possible if the City wishes: i.e.long • distance phone service, insurance vendors (low cost auto insurance) • to cardholders.

  34. Commercial rewards, rebate or incentive programscan be offered by local merchants to residents using the cards SFMS will work with the City to identify suitable vendors and then with the vendors directly to add functionality to the card. The vendors get more business and when cash or checks are loaded on a card the vendors receive half of the $2.95 transaction fee. %%%%%%%% OFF With Richmond Municipal ID Card

  35. Fee schedule for Debit Card activities The fees below are based on the current Transfercel fee schedule. The fee schedule for the Transfercel OMIC would be finalized with feedback from the City of Richmond Fees for the prepaid debit card are determined by the actual costs of the services charged by the banks and card networks.

  36. Transaction Fees • DEBIT CARD • Enrollment FREE • Payroll Direct Deposit or ACH Load FREE • PIN or Password Change FREE • POS Purchases and Cashback FREE • Live Customer Service Inquiry Call FREE • IVR inquiries FREE • Online Account Access and Management FREE • at http://www.transfercel.com • Account Maintenance (monthly) $0.99 • Mobile Fees • Monthly Mobile Maintenance$1.50 • Mobile Inquiry: Check your Balance FREE • Mobile Inquiry: Check your Transaction History FREE • Mobile Inquiry: Report your Card Lost or Stolen FREE • Mobile Inquiry: View a list of your Beneficiaries FREE • Mobile Inquiry: Change your Access Code FREE • Mobile Inquiry: View Help Options FREE • Mobile Inquiry: Opt out of Mobile Services FREE

  37. Fee Schedule Domestic ATM Withdrawal $1.50* ATM Balance Inquiry $0.60* ATM Denial Fee $0.60* POS Purchase Denial or Return $0.50 Statement issuance via U.S. mail or fax fee $4.95 (only if requested) Inactive Account Fee Monthly $1.00** Funds Transfer to Replacement Card $1.00 Domestic Card-to-Card Transfer $2.00 International Signature Card ATM Withdrawal $3.50 International Remittance (SF Network) $5.00 International Remittance (CNB Network) $6.00 * In addition to fees charged by the ATM operator. ** For cards not used in four months. Loading Fees Load at TRANSFERCEL Merchant $2.95 Load at non-TRANSFERCEL Merchant Varies by location Load via GreenDot MoneyPak No additional fee

  38. Daily Limits Maximum amount allowed on Card at any given time is $2,999.00 excluding Payroll Direct Deposit loads. Loads $ 1,000.00 ATM withdrawals $ 500.00 POS Purchases (card present) $ 500.00 *** Internet and Phone POS Purchases $ 150.00 *** Card to Card Transfer $ 500.00 *** International Transfer $ 1,000.00 *** *** The sum of these transactions may not exceed $2,500.00 per day.

  39. Pre-registration support Residents will acquire their Richmond Municipal ID Card through both a pre-registration and a final registration process. In order to pre-register, Residents will be asked to either call the Transfercel customer care center or use the website to enter their information. Likely churches, community centers, libraries, schools and locations with computers available for the public to use will volunteer to help their community members complete the pre-registration for a card. SFMS will reach out to these groups to educate them about how they can help their communities by encouraging and facilitating pre-registration.

  40. Intake Centers Need several intake centers in Richmond. Staffed with one full-time contract worker Paid by SFMS to work only on “Intakes” Intake centers may be established either at City agencies or at organizations which have contracted with SFMS Partnerships with CBOs possible

  41. Documents for identity verification: • The City of Richmond shall determine the qualifications for obtaining a Transfercel OMIC. Based upon the ID requirements set by the City of San Francisco and Oakland the requirements for the debit card set by our issuing bank, SFMS suggests the following in Oakland: • ONE of the following documents (must display applicant's photograph and date of birth): • • US or Foreign Passport • • US Driver's License • • US State ID • • US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) • • Consular Identification (CID)

  42. Documents for identity verification TWO of the following documents (at least one document must display applicant’s date of birth and photograph. Photograph requirement does not apply to applicants 13 and under): • Certified Copy of US or Foreign Birth Certificate • Social Security Card • National ID Card with photo, name, address, date of birth, and expiration date • Foreign Driver's License • US or Foreign Military Identification Card • Current Visa issued by a government agency • Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) authorization letter • California Educational Institution Identification Card: elementary, middle, secondary and post secondary schools

  43. PROOF OF RESIDENCY ONE of the following documents containing the applicant's name and residential address within the City of Richmond • Utility bill dated within the last 30 days • Property tax statement or mortgage payment dated within 30 days • Bank account statement dated within the last 30 days • Proof of a minor currently enrolled in a school located in Richmond • Employment pay stub dated within the last 30 days • Jury summons or court order issued by a state or federal court dated in the last 30 days • Federal or state income tax or refund dated within the last 30 days • Insurance bill (homeowner’s, renter’s, health, life or automobile insurance) dated in the last 30 days • If a certified copy of a marriage certificate is presented at the time of application, an applicant may prove residency using documents bearing the name of his/her spouse.

  44. Possible Alternative Proofs of Residence • • Written verification issued by a homeless shelter confirming at least 15 days residency within the last 30 days • • Written verification issued by a hospital, health clinic or social services agency confirming at least 15 days residency within the last 30 days • Written verification issued by localneighborhood council officials of neighborhood of residence confirming residency to the best of knowledge [visit]. • For room-renters written verification by home owner or person named in rental contract confirming residency of room-renter. • Certified affidavit signed by two Richmond residents.

  45. Flexible training course which can be adapted for the purposes of training Residents, Police officers, City administrators, merchants or intake agents. At each intake center, educational materials will be on hand The Transfercel OMIC comes with a user guide which provides full instruction on the use of the card. A mobile user guide describes how the customer can use their cell phone to make transactions and check their balance on their account. Product promoters to teach consumers how to leverage the prepaid debit cards to access low-cost financial tools that will protect their financial assets, simplify their lives, and save them money. Customer training

  46. Languages SFMS is committed to hiring intake agents who can speak the languages of the diverse populations of Richmond. CNB’s IVR system can support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole and Mandarin. Following the City’s directive, SFMS could add staff who speak additional languages other than Spanish and English for its customer care center.

  47. Future expansion of product functionality 1. Government to Person (G2P) payments. Welfare, pension, EITC and other government payments can be paid directly to beneficiaries’ Transfercel OMIC. This would save the City money by reducing their need to print checks to issue payments and refunds. 2. Payroll card. Employers, such as the City of Richmond, who wished to use the Transfercel OMIC as a payroll card could do so. 3. Savings accounts. SFMS is planning to work with community banking partners to develop the ability to link its stored value accounts to existing bank accounts, such as high yield savings accounts. This will allow Residents to transfer money on and off their Transfercel OMIC to their savings or checking accounts, allowing them greater financial freedom. 4. Local currency. If the City wishes for the Transfercel OMIC to partner with a local organization to allow for a local Oakland currency to be used by cardholders, SFMS will work to add this capability to the Transfercel OMIC.

  48. In summary • A Richmond Municipal ID Program will benefit many residents • It will help residents to report crimes and connect with the police • It will help people access services and facilities • It will have many security features to prevent tampering and fraud • It will serve as a debit card and can promote local commerce • It will protect confidential data under the Bank Secrecy Act • It will cost nothing to the City of Richmond • It will support itself with small transaction fees • It will make Richmond better, safer, and get more people • participating in civic life • It will be available for every resident of Richmond who wants it

  49. We ASK for YOUR SUPPORT Please help Richmond become a Better City for ALL its residents with a Richmond Municipal Identification Cards Program

  50. Prepared by City of Richmond. CA Richmond Municipal Identification Cards 2011 Coalition Building A Better Richmond

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