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Facebook Commits to Focus on Connecting People and Bringing Them Closer Together PowerPoint Presentation
Facebook Commits to Focus on Connecting People and Bringing Them Closer Together

Facebook Commits to Focus on Connecting People and Bringing Them Closer Together

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  2. Recentlypeoplehave beenconcernedwiththe proliferationofpublic contentfrombusinesses, brandsandthemedia hasbeencrowdingtheir momentsonFacebook. Thesentimenthasbeen voicedoutandgoing aroundwithinthe Facebookcommunity. Afewhoursago, Facebook affirmedthefoundationof theirexistencewhichis bringingpeoplecloser togetherandbuilding relationships. Toalignwith this, theyconnectpeopleto meaningfulpostsoffriends andfamilyandshowthem moreontheirnewsfeedto encouragemore interactions. 

  3. Inarecentposttoday, Facebook CEOMarkZuckerbergshareshow theyplantomaketimeon Facebooktimewellspent. Facebookwasbuilttohelppeople stayconnectedorbringthem closertogether. Byconfirming theircommitmenttoputfriends andfamilyatthecoreofpeople's experience, peoplewillspend morequalitytimeonFacebook. 

  4. Facebookwillusesignalstodeterminethenumberof reactions, sharesandcommentstorankhowtheywillappear orhowmuchofthemshouldappearontheirNewsFeed. From there, Facebookwillpredictpostthatyouarelikelytointeract aboutwithfriendsorfamilyorthosewithinyourcirclesof interest. Itcouldapostfromafamilymemberfromoverseas, a newsarticle, movieorsportseventthatyouandyourfriends haveacommoninterestonoraquestionaboutahobbyor craftpostedincommunityorgrouppages.      

  5. Research shows that people feel happier if they can connect with people they care about rather than just passively reading articles, watching through videos or mindlessly scrolling through their news feed. Facebook feels responsible for making their products and services not only fun but also good for people's well-being. Given this, it is making a shift in directions from focusing on helping people find relevant content to having more social interactions. In the coming months, we should see more posts from our friends, family and groups and less of public content. Where there are more interactions, Facebook will show more of such posts to encourage conversations and keep it going. They understand that this will bring down some measure of engagement, particularly with public posts, but will make time with Facebook more valuable. This may have an impact on the reach of Pages and some businesses for now, but it is the right thing to do and is good for the community. So in the long term, it will be good for Facebook, too.

  6. PeoplewillstillseepostsfromPagesthattheyfollowand prioritisethemintheirNewsFeedsotheywillnotmissposts. However, poststhatgenerateactiveconversationwillbemore visibleinnewsfeeds - often, theseincludelivevideos, acontent ofcommoninterestamonggroups, oreventscreatedbylocal businessesasameanstoconnectwiththeircommunities. Strategiesthatdonotpromoteauthenticinteractionssuchas engagementbaitswillbede-prioritisedanddecreasedinthe newsfeed. SOURCE commits-to-focus-on-connecting.html