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Town of Kill Devil Hills PowerPoint Presentation
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Town of Kill Devil Hills

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Town of Kill Devil Hills

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Town of Kill Devil Hills

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  1. Town of Kill Devil Hills Flood Plain Management & Regulations October 2007

  2. Am I in a Flood Zone? Everyone is in a flood zone – It is important to know what type of flood zone and what risks and regulations are associated with your property. Kill Devil Hills has three types of flood zones – VE, AE, & X

  3. Flood Zone Designations • Zone AEreplaces Zone A1 – A30 (1% annual chance or 100-year flood area) • Zone VEreplaces Zone V1 – V30 (1% annual chance or 100-year flood area) • “Shaded” Zone Xreplaces Zone B (0.2% annual chance or 500-year flood area) • “Unshaded” Zone Xreplaces Zone C (minimal flood risk area)

  4. Objectives of the Kill Devil Hills Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance • Protect human life and health • Minimize expenditure of public money for costly flood control projects • Minimize the need for rescue and relief efforts associated with flooding • Minimize prolonged business losses and interruptions • Minimize damage to public facilities and utilities • Help maintain a stable tax base by providing for the sound use and development of flood prone areas • Ensure that potential buyers are aware that property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area

  5. VE Flood Zones • Located primary along the Oceanfront and some areas across NC 12 • All structures must be built on elevated pilings or piers • No lower level enclosures allowed except those enclosed by lattice, screening or break-away walls. • More stringent construction methods recommended by FEMA

  6. AE Flood Zones • Much of the Town is located within an AE Flood Zone • AE areas are subject to occasional flooding • 1% chance of flooding in every year • A Base Flood Elevation (BFE) has been determined for all properties in Kill Devil Hills located in an AE Zone.

  7. Accessory Structures located in AE Flood Zones • Shall not be used for human habitation • Shall not be temperature-controlled • Shall be designed to have low flood damage potential • Shall be provided with flood openings • Shall be constructed and placed on the site to minimize resistance to the flow of floodwaters • Shall be firmly anchored. • Must provide an elevation certificate if greater than 150 square feet.

  8. AE Flood Zones Lower level enclosures which are below the Base Flood Elevation should: • Not be used for human habitation • Not be finished or conditioned (heated or cooled) • Be constructed entirely of flood resistant materials • Be used only for ….. • Parking of vehicles • Entry to the living area • Limited storage of maintenance equipment used in connection with the premises.

  9. X Flood Zones • Areas of minimal flood risk • Even properties located in an X zone are subject to flooding and eligible for Federal Flood Insurance

  10. How do I know which Flood Zone my property is in?

  11. Why Bother? There is a 5% chance of a home fire. For a house located within the Special Flood Hazard Area, there is a 26% chancethat it will be inundated by a 100 year flood during the life of a 30-year mortgage.

  12. Questions? Contact Us Town of Kill Devil Hills Planning Department (252) 449-5318 PS – also great information at