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U.S. Constitution: ABC Book PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. Constitution: ABC Book

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U.S. Constitution: ABC Book
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U.S. Constitution: ABC Book

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    1. U.S. Constitution: ABC Book By: Angela Shicatano Period: 6

    2. A is for Articles of Confederations The Articles of Confederation was the first self-governing document to be present in the United States of America.

    3. B is for Bill of Rights The bill of rights is the first 10 amendments in the United States Constitution. They showed how to self govern the federal system.

    4. C is for Constitution The Constitution is a legal document created by famous speakers in order to insure prosperity to the citizens of the United States of America.

    5. D is for Delaware Delaware was the 1st known land to be admitted to be a state. This also caused many people to buy more land and create America.

    6. E is for Executive Branch The executive branch is the branch in government that is responsible for what happens in each and every state. They are the leaders.

    7. F is for Freedom Freedom is a privilege that was given to every white man that entered the USA. Slaves that came to the southern states had to work and earn their freedom.

    8. G is for The Great Comprimise The Great Compromise was an agreement between Virginia and New Jersey. The argument was over state representation. They settled it in 1787.

    9. H is for House of Representatives The house of representatives is 1 of the 2 houses in the United States Congress. This is where the representatives of each state come to decide what the laws are.

    10. I is for Independence Independence is the state the colonists enjoyed after ratification of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

    11. J is for Judicial Branch Judicial branch is the court system in the 3 branches of government. The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the law.

    12. K is for The Keystone state (known as Pennsylvania) The Keystone state is just a nickname for the state of Pennsylvania. All states have a nickname. The Keystone State was where the Constitution was signed.

    13. L is for Legislative branch The legislative branch is the branch of government that makes the laws. It is also the only branch of government that is a bicameral.

    14. M is for Madison, James James Madison was one of Americas founding fathers. He is known for creating the 1st draft of the 1st ten amendments of the Constitution (the Bill of Rights)

    15. N is for The New Jersey Plan The New Jersey Plan was a suggestion to government to give 1 vote to each and every state, no matter how large. They wanted equalized representation.

    16. O is for Northwest Ordinance (1787) The Northwest Ordinance tells how the Northwest was governed. As territory grew more rights and privileges were given.

    17. P is for Philadelphia Philadelphia is the main city where all legal documents were made and signed. The city is in the great state of Pennsylvania.

    18. Q is for Quill A quill is an object that all papers were signed, written and edited with. The quill itself usually comes right off the back of a quail.

    19. R is for Republic government A republic government is when the population gets to choose the candidates who run for office. the United States government is a republic government.

    20. S is for Senate A senate is the other house of government in the bicameral. There are 2 senators from every state.

    21. T is for Three-Fifths Compromise This is when the lower states wanted to make their population larger by counting every 5 slaves as 3 white men. After applying the Three-fifths Compromise, there ended up being more slaves than white men.

    22. U is for United States of America The United States of America is the land our founding forefathers established by seceding from England.

    23. V is for Virginia Plan The Virginia Plan was a plan that proposed self government. They wanted to have 3 branches of government They also wanted to have 2 houses. They based the votes off of population. The smaller states were offended because they thought the bigger states would end up ruling the smaller states (monarchy).

    24. W is for Washington, George George Washington was the 1st president of the USA. He signed the Constitution. He also signed the Articles of Confederation.

    25. Y is for The Year of 1787 In the year of 1787, the final copy of the National Constitution was signed. All but 3 delicates signed the sheets.