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Beijing Olympics 2008. Abhinav Bindra. Vijender. Susheel Kumar. They excelled. Citius,Altius,Fortius Sports Medicine an Elixir for Excellence

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  1. Beijing Olympics 2008 Abhinav Bindra Vijender Susheel Kumar They excelled

  2. Citius,Altius,Fortius Sports Medicine an Elixir for Excellence Dr. P.S.M. Chandran President Indian Federation of Sports Medicine

  3. Winter Olympics - St. Moritz 1928 Sports meet Science International Federation of Sport Medicine ( F.I.M.S )

  4. Sports Medicine is synonymous with Exercise & Fitness. Also known as Fitness Medicine Sports Medicine is anOccupational Medicine similar to Industrial Medicine Aviation Medicine Military Medicine

  5. Sports Medicine applies medical and scientific knowledge in enhancing performance in sportsand fitness related areas. It also prescribes Sports and exercise as treatment modality for medical problems and thereby enhance the quality of life of common man Sports Medicine Medical sciences input Sports & exercise input in for spotting, nurturing & the area of Medical sciences enhancing talent for sports (Exercise prescription)

  6. Sports Medicine Medical / Scientific Input for Sports

  7. Flo Joe 1988 Seoul Wilma Rudolph 1960 Rome Betty Cuthbert 1956 Melbourne

  8. Sports Medicine Genetics Anthropometry Physiology Nutrition Biomechanics Training Methods Psychology Medicine Traumatology Doping

  9. Genetics Fitness Gene I - version Angiotensin Converting Enzyme ( A.C.E )D - version I version - Enhances the uptake of nutrients and Oxygen to muscles. Hence associated with better physical performance : Fast twitch fibres (White fibres) Muscle fibres( Speed & Strength ) Slow twitch fibres (Red fibres) - ( Endurance )

  10. Gene doping An increase of a single gene in mice caused increase in muscle size, increase in strength, increased ability to repair injuries. Gene IGF-1 which is also found in humans IGF- 1 : accelerating factor for muscle growth Myostatin (GDF-8 ): inhibiting factor for muscle growth Myostatin Antagonist (Antibody, Chemicals) IGF-1 > GDF-8 will cause Muscle Growth No detection system available Slide Courtesy : Dr. M. Jagathesan

  11. Anthropometry Body typing - Somatotypes Mesomorph Ectomorph Endomorph Body measurements : Height, Weight Fat % , Muscle mass, Bone mass Age determination : Physique, Dentition ( Juniors – Veterans) Secondary Sexual characteristics X rays / MRI Scan

  12. Exercise Physiology Evaluates motor abilities Endurance,Speed, Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Co ordination Tests VO2 max Oxygen deficit Lactate tolerance Lung Function tests Heart rate monitoring Muscle strength & Endurance

  13. Sports Psychology To overcome the invisible and invincible barriers in Sports Mental Training Motivation Anticipation Reaction Time Relaxation “Killer Instinct”

  14. Nutrition Energy Expenditure Balance Diet Pre Competition Meal Glycogen Loading Food Supplements Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian

  15. Bio- mechanics & Kinesiology Study of Motion (Motion Analysis) Displacement Acceleration Power

  16. Sports Traumatology Sports Injuries Prevention Management Rehabilitation

  17. Medical Problems Cardiology Respiratory Medicine Endocrinology

  18. Drugs Use Misuse & Abuse “Doping”

  19. Sports Medicine Sports / Fitness Input for Health

  20. World Health Organization(W.H.O.) and International Federation of Sports Medicine(F.I.M.S.) Studies have shown that Half of the World population is insufficiently active Which results in Colossalwaste of human potential and it is also A major contributor toill healthand unnecessary death Inactive life style Elevators, escalators, motor cars, airplanes, Tele Visions leading to Physical inactivity Resulting in Weight gain, Obesity, postural problems

  21. Exercise (fitness) programs • School sports (Children sports) – movement education – postural problems, chairs, school bags • Sports for the aged– slow down degeneration – improve quality of life • Sports for the disabled – Started with World War I – improve overall well being, therapeutic and rehabilitative • Leisuretime sports: Mass sports, recreational sports, family sports, Life time sports, Vacation sports. • Industrial sports • Prison sports

  22. Public policy for promotion of physical activity (exercise habit) -Transport and environmental policies should take care of walkers and cyclists as of motorists (jogging tracks, cycling lanes) -Educating medical professionals and teachers in order to promote physical activity by advising patients and pupils -Providing convenient and affordable facilities for: working women, elderly, physically handicapped -High priority to prevention and treatment of fitness (exercise) related injuries (sports injuries) -Public education campaign – role models -Use of staircase, walking and cycling for short distances -NGO’s role in promoting healthier and more enjoyable life styles through organizing recreational games -Setting up baseline levels for exercise

  23. Vision of the millennium -“Fit India” -Footpaths devoid of electric poles, trees and bus stops -Cycling tracks above ground and metro railway underneath -Skipping ropes inside school bags and briefcases -Judgments passing vigorous exercise (not Rigorous Imprisonment) for convicts, Juvenile delinquents (prison sports). Sports teams from prisons -Parents who support but not pressurize children for academic/ sports. Children can not vote, but they do count. -Family exercising together -Gymnasiums in offices -Medical personnel, Teachers and Priests as Ambassadors of health promotion -Recognition to sports for the aged -NGOs organizing recreational games -Promoting Sports (fitness) Medicine -Role models (A Sachin Tendulkar or a Sania Mirza )calling upon Children to switch off the TVs , drinkmilk and get on to the play grounds

  24. Sports Medicine PromotionCurrent Scenario • Inadequate investment by the Government Infrastructure, Man power, Equipment • Lack of investment by the Public Sector Undertakings • Lack of investment by the Private sector • Lack of initiatives by the National Sports Federations – Medical Commissions / Health profile • Lack of incentives for research

  25. The Solution • Definite budgetary provision in Govt/PSU/Private Sector undertakings for enhancing the health & fitness of sportspersons, employees and employers • Specific provision in the budget of the sports ministry for promotion of sports medicine and allied sports sciences. • Introduction of fitness medicine (sports medicine) as a subject in medical curriculum. • Post Graduate degrees in sports medicine and sports sciences • Sharing of information and knowledge through conferences /workshops/seminars • Collaboration with foreign Institutions • Research opportunities in fitness from ICMR/CSIR (Besides malaria/dengue research!) N.B : A fitness oriented country has a better chance to go for medals in international sports. Sports medicine and sports sciences is the key to achieve this fitness.

  26. Indian Context Fresh incentives by the Govt. to provide the services of doctors and scientists to the national teams Under the Scheme for “Preparation of Indian team for Commonwealth Games 2010”

  27. 18 Disciplines of CWG 2010 Archery, Athletics, Aquatics, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Gymnastics, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Net Ball, Rugby 7s, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling, EAD (Elite Athletes with Disabilities) S.M Doctors - 13 Physiotherapists - 13 Masseur - 22 Masseuse - 20 Psychologists - 4 Exercise Physiologists - 8 Sports Analyst (Biomechanist) - 19 Total - 99

  28. The World of Medicine can make or break human beings. The World of Sports Medicine can mould human beings into super human beings, in other words, into World Champions

  29. This presentation is brought to you by: FITNESS INDIA TRUST FOR SPORTS MEDICINE APPLIED RESEARCH AND TRAINING ‘FIT & SMART’- Nothing like it

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