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Annex A Addendum

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Annex A Addendum
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Annex A Addendum

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  1. Annex A Addendum CYBER Training

  2. Training Purpose To review the addition of the Annex A Addendum to CYBER, which will allow OOH Providers to electronically complete the submission of new and renewal Annex A Addendums, as well as modifications.

  3. This new functionality will enable automatic updates, based upon the Annex A Addendum, to the Provider’s PIF which is used in CYBER to match a youth’s needs with the appropriate Out of Home Program.

  4. Logging in to CYBER • Users will go to the PerformCare website to access CYBER – • Click on the “Launch CYBER” button on the right-side of the page to access the log-in screen.

  5. Logging in to CYBER • Users will put their ID into the first field, and their password into the second field. • Please note – there is a HIPAA statement that states that, by logging into CYBER, you acknowledge your responsibility to protect the PHI that is held in the system.

  6. Accessibility • New security role has been established within CYBER; only users that have been given the “Contract Role” designation will have access to the Annex A Addendum information for their agency. • Agencies can have more than one individual with this level of access in CYBER. • Users with this designation will be able to log into CYBER with their current log-in name and password.

  7. Accessibility • Any user with the “Contract Role” level of accessibility will be able to see, edit, create, submit and delete (when possible) Annex A Addendums that are in the system for their agency. • Addendums that have not been submitted for approval or have been returned for changes will be enabled for editing by any user in the agency with this level of access.

  8. Location within CYBER To access the agency’s Annex A information; • Users will click on the “Provider Details” button from their Welcome Page.

  9. Location within CYBER • Click on the “Annex A Addendum” button in the upper left-hand corner of the window.

  10. Multiple Programs • If the user is associated with multiple programs, they will see a menu at the bottom of the screen that will allow them to select the program ID for the Annex A Addendum they wish to access. • Specific sites that are associated with the program will be entered in the Annex A Addendum.

  11. Menu for multiple programs

  12. Pending Annex A Addendum • Top grid – Pending Annex A Addendums – will include any Annex A Addendums that have been saved & not submitted, have been submitted but are awaiting DCBHS approval, or have been returned for changes by DCBHS to the agency (per program).

  13. Pending Annex A Addendums • The grid will include; • Effective date, begin date and end date of the contract; • Submission Type (New, Renewal, Modification); • Submitted by and Submitted date.

  14. Accessing Annex A Addendums • Users will be able to edit only those Addendums that have not been submitted or returned for changes. • If an Annex A Addendum has been submitted to DCBHS and is pending review, the user can view or print the document; “Draft” will appear on each printed page. *Double-clicking on a record in either grid will open the document.

  15. Once an Annex A Addendum has been approved or denied by DCBHS, it will be removed from the Pending grid and will appear in the lower grid – Approved/Denied Annex A Addendums.

  16. Approved/Denied Annex A Addendums • Approved Annex A Addendums for the contract term will appear in this grid. • Denied Annex A Addendums will remain on the grid for 60 days after being denied by DCBHS. • Denied Addendums can be viewed but cannot be printed.

  17. Approved/Denied Annex A Addendums • The grid will include; • Effective date – may not be the same as the Contract Start Date if a Modification has been approved; • Status – Approved or Denied; • Submission Type – New, Renewal, Modification.

  18. New Annex A Addendums All initial entries of Annex A Addendums will be considered “New”; there are no others in the system. Users will be able to create Renewals (not before 90 days prior to the end of contract term), Modifications and Updates once the New Annex A has been approved and is active (the Effective Date has passed).

  19. Creating a New Annex A Only one “pending” Annex A Addendum can be in the system at one time for the same program. “Pending” – has been created and saved, or has been submitted to DCBHS but not yet approved, returned for changes, or denied.

  20. Creating a New Annex A If a user attempts to duplicate a New Annex A Addendum and there is an existing pending Addendum in the system for a specific program, the user will see the following message and will be unable to proceed; “An Annex A Addendum has already been created for this program.”

  21. Completing an Annex A Addendum • The next few slides detail how to successfully complete and submit an Annex A Addendum. • There are validations (required fields/parameters) throughout the document that must be met prior to submission of the Annex A Addendum. • Validations occur upon clicking “Submit”, i.e. user will be prompted to edit or complete required information in order to submit successfully to DCBHS.

  22. Creating a New Annex A The Annex A Addendum is organized into an accordion, much like a Treatment Plan or Assessment.

  23. Saving an Annex A Addendum • It is recommended that the user clicks on the Save button at the bottom of the document periodically to ensure that information is not lost due to timing out or computer issues. • Clicking “Save” will not run validations against any information entered; validations are only done when Submitting.

  24. New Annex A Addendum • If there is existing PIF information for the program, these fields will pre-populate the New Annex A Addendum. • Providers should verify the information that pre-populates from the PIF. • Providers will be able to change all of the information, except for the Medicaid ID and the Program Type.

  25. Most text boxes within the Annex A Addendum are required. If the user does not need to enter information, it is recommended that they enter “N/A” or “Not Applicable” so that the Contract Administrator knows that the field was not left blank accidentally.

  26. Agency Information • Medicaid Provider # will be pre-populated. • Program Type – will be pre-populated or completed by DCBHS. • Contract Begin Date should be one day after the end date of the current contract. • Contract End Date cannot be entered for a date that falls before the Contract Begin Date.

  27. Agency Contact Information • Each field is required. • Scroll to the right to see the remainder of the fields (state, zip code). • Use the “Tab” button on the keyboard to skip the City and State fields; then enter zip code and select “Enter” or “Tab” on the keyboard; City and State fieldswill populate from the Zip Code that is entered. • Please note – Admissions Coordinator contact information can be found on the PIF.

  28. Helpful Tip • To avoid typing the same address information into each line of the Agency Contact Information section, use keyboard short-cuts to copy and paste information. • Highlight the information and hold the “ctrl” + “c” keys to copy • Use the “ctrl” + “v” keys to paste

  29. Populations Served

  30. Populations Served There is a legal statement at the top of the section that reads, “For each item selected below, I acknowledge that the program will serve youth from this target population.” • In order to see everything in this section, the user will have to scroll to the right and down.

  31. Populations Served • Required fields in this section are; • Language – at least one must be selected • IQ served – at least one must be selected • Gender Served – across all sites • Ages Served – across all sites • Text boxes (i.e., Special Expertise, General Comments, etc.) • All fields in Capacity • Total # of Contracted Beds is the total across all sites • Accreditations • One of the 5 options must be completed • Dates are required for the option chosen

  32. Site Details • Will be pre-populated from the PIF for New Addendums; Renewal and Modification Annex A Addendums will pre-populate from currently active and approved Annex A. • Users will need to select the “Create New Site” button to create new site information.

  33. Site Details – Create New Site • All fields are required. • Whereas each site may be less, the total capacity for all sites must be equal to the Total # of Contracted Beds entered in the Populations Served section of the Addendum. • Ages and Genders Served must fall within the parameters of the information in the Populations Served section of the Addendum.

  34. Site Details - Note Users have the ability to delete a site from the Site Details accordion if the site does not have a PIF in CYBER(i.e., any site that is manually entered into a new Annex A Addendum can be deleted prior to the Addendum being approved; once the Addendum is approved, the PIF is created and the site cannot be removed from the system by the user).

  35. Physical Environment • At least one selection is required in each area of this accordion. • Mass Transit Access description text box has a character limit of 1000. • Gender of Beds must match the Gender information in Populations Served.

  36. Services Provided

  37. Services Provided • In order to see the entire section, the user will need to scroll down in the window. • Both “Agency” and “Community” can be selected for each service; one selection can be made, or each service can be left blank with no selection made. • Services that are selected must be provided within the contracted per diem rate. • Required fields; • Educational Services • One selection must be made. • Medical Services • Both text boxes must be completed. • Community Based Opportunities • Text box must be completed.

  38. Clinical Model • Row 1 is required; if any fields in additional rows are completed, the entire row must be completed. • Each field has a limit of 500 characters.

  39. Treatment Team Members to Child Ratios

  40. Treatment Team Members to Child Ratios • Hours per child/week can be found by scrolling the screen to the right. • # Children Served will auto-populate with # of Contracted Beds from Population Served. • If the user changes the Total # of Contracted Beds in the Populations Served accordion after completing this section, the # Children Served will not automatically update. The user will need to return to this section and re-enter one field on each completed row to prompt the system to update. • Required fields; • If any fields in any row are completed, the entire row becomes required.

  41. Performance Based Outcomes • Every field is required. • Each field can contain up to two numbers after a decimal point.

  42. Miscellaneous Stipulations

  43. Miscellaneous Stipulations • One radio button must be chosen under each heading in the Referral and Admissions Process. • Two copies of the signature page must be printed, signed with original signatures, and submitted to your contract administrator along with the weekly program and staffing schedule attachments. **DCBHS will not approve an Annex A Addendum without the signature pages.**

  44. Comments • Typically used by providers when submitting a Modification or when re-submitting an Annex A Addendum that has been returned for changes. • When an Annex A has been returned for changes, DCBHS will enter comments for the provider to view. • Comments must also be entered when DCBHS has denied an Addendum. • Once the Annex A has been approved, the Comments area will be locked for editing. • This area will contain a log of all Comments entered until approval. • This area will not appear on printed Annex A’s, as it is not part of the contract.

  45. Submitting • Clicking the Submit button will prompt CYBER to validate all required fields in the Annex A Addendum. • Any fields that are required and not completed will appear in a Validations box that will list the section and the specific field name; fields will also appearhighlighted in pink in the Addendum document. • All required fields must be completed in order to submit the Addendum to DCBHS.

  46. Submitting Annex A Addendum Please note: Once the Annex A Addendum has been submitted to DCBHS, it cannot be edited. If changes are necessary, users must wait for DCBHS to either return it for changes or approve the Addendum. Besides updating contact information, changes to an approved Addendum require the user to submit a Modification.

  47. Return for Changes • New, Renewals and Modifications can be Returned for Changes by DCBHS. • Users will need to check their messages, using the Messages Functions button from the Welcome Page, for status changes to the submitted Annex A Addendum(s) for their agency.

  48. Modifications • When should a Modification be submitted? • Changes to a program such as; • Change in population served or, • Change in Total # of Contracted Beds for the program

  49. Modifications Please note: Only one Modification can be entered for a specific program at a time and can only be submitted when there is an active and approved Annex A Addendum. If there is a pending Annex A that is saved or not yet active, a Modification cannot be entered. A new Modification cannot be entered unless the previous Modification’s Effective Date has passed (by at least one day).

  50. Modifications To create a Modification, the user will click on the “Modify Annex A Addendum” button at the bottom of the Annex A Addendum screen to open the document.