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Women's Fashion PowerPoint Presentation
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Women's Fashion

Women's Fashion

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Women's Fashion

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  1. Women's Fashion By: Kayla & Shea

  2. Elizabethan Hair: Many different styles were worn. Women would always brush hair back from the forehead. Hair was dyed blonde. Peasants hair were strands of white or yellow silk. Kirtle: The kirtle is also known as a skirt. It was often made with different variety of materials. The frame work underneath the kirtle was called a “farthingale” made of wire or even whale bone. It makes a appearance of a smaller waist. Sleeves: The sleeves were separate from the bodice. They were fastened to the bodice with laces. It was tight at the wrist and full everywhere else. The wrist and neck area were ruffled. Women’s dresses: Dresses were not all made in one piece. Women wore two or more garments as the dress. Elizabethan Outfit: Was a major undertaking. Many layers were required for the complete look. The women outfit would be very warm and certainly un comfortable.

  3. Elizabethan • Elizabethan women were not allowed to wear anything they liked. It did not matter on the color, fabric and material of their clothes . It didn’t even matter how healthy they looked it could still not be done. The clothes were decided on their rank, status or position and this law was enforced by the English law. The laws were called “sumptuary laws”. • The sumptuary laws were all known by all of the English people. And it was strictly obeyed. The penalties for violating the laws could be very harsh. • Silks, velvets and furs were the most expensive the buy and sell. • If you were upper class you had the most expensive and nicest clothing. Lower class would use basic materials for their clothing. • Each clothing item is designed.