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Student Logins PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Logins

Student Logins

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Student Logins

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  1. Moore MST Magnet School Tyler, Texas Student Logins

  2. Logging In • All students on campus have their own login username and password • Student Username: Their student ID # • Student password: 6 digit birthday (ex: 040197) • Rationale: • File protection (students will have exclusive rights to the information they save) • Student safety (inappropriate activity can be more closely monitored)

  3. Logging In • When a student has successfully logged in they should see the following screen showing their name in the start menu

  4. To Open a file • The student will double click on the My Computer icon which will show all the access areas on the computer

  5. To access the students files, double click on the drive that has the student ID # on it.

  6. The user can add folders or files and organize them in what ever way is best for them. No other user has access to this information unless the student gives out both the ID # and their birthday. Each student user is totally responsible for the security of their individual log in account.

  7. To save to the drive • It is important to save to the correct location. Simply clicking save will not protect the information from being deleted. • Deep Freeze will wipe any new information from the computer which was not saved to the correct place. • Saving to the My Documents folder WILL NOTsave the data. • To save for further use, save to the Drive that has the students ID # on it

  8. Save the document into the correct folder on the studentstorage folder. This is the H drive for our students.

  9. The file now appears on the drive for further editing or printing.

  10. This is a very important step. If you do not log off, any user can have access to your files. Be sure that the computer actually logs you off before you get up from the computer.