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Animals in Danger! PowerPoint Presentation
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Animals in Danger!

Animals in Danger!

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Animals in Danger!

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  1. Animals in Danger!

  2. Animals in Danger Many wild animals are in danger. There are many reasons for different ones to risk their lives every day. One of the dangers is hunting: people use to kill the beasts for their fur. Another problem is lack of food in definite seasons. But the main and general trouble is the global warming, which causes the animals that are used to cold weather to get adopted to the new climate. For example, the Snow Leopard, koala, panda, bear, penguin suffers when it is too hot.

  3. Snow Leopard The Snow Leopard is the most important problem for defense because the number of the big cats is unknown. The Snow Leopard lives in the snowy mountains in the Central and Southern Asia and is used to walk on snow. When it gets warm the beast finds itself in an unusual situation and sometimes it threatens its life. Many organizations signed an agreement which can help the animals to survive.

  4. Koala and panda These cute bears soon will not have what to eat for people have been cutting down the eucalyptus trees the leaves of which they eat.

  5. Polar bear The Polar Bear also needs help and protection because it becomes more and more difficult to get food on ice. Sometimes the bear is away from the shore many kilometers.

  6. penguin Another victim of the global worming is the penguin. It can survive in the environment it is used to. And people can do their best to protect these very funny and cute birds which look like humans.