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Interracial Dating PowerPoint Presentation
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Interracial Dating

Interracial Dating

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Interracial Dating

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  1. Interracial Dating By Vivy Tran’s KEWL Family

  2. INTERRACIAL DATING • Introduction – • What is Interracial Dating? • Famous Couples • Movie Clip • Survey • Role Playing • What do your parents think? • Problems people face in interracial relationships • What are we going to do? • Conclusion

  3. Some famous couples… • Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren

  4. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubrey

  5. Aisha Tyler & Jeff Tietjens

  6. Jason Lewis & Rosario Dawson

  7. David Bowie & Iman

  8. Bruce Lee and his wife

  9. Dave Chapelle and his wife


  11. Myth or Fact? • Interracial relationships and marriages are pretty common.

  12. Myth or Fact? • If you date someone from another race, you can't be racist.

  13. Myth or Fact? • Interracial relationships attract large amounts of prejudice and protest.

  14. Role Playing

  15. What are some requirements that parents have for relationships? • Religion – Faith or religion, especially in pious families, can play a major role in a relationship. • Why? • Many parents believe that same-faith relationships will lead to fewer clashes.

  16. What are some requirements that parents have for relationships? • Race • Oftentimes, parents will prefer the same race (i.e. similar skin color and/or culture).

  17. What are some requirements that parents have for relationships? • Ethnicity – The same ethnicity is also often preferred, because it is thought to lead to an easier relationship. • Parents also require that their rules and values are obeyed and respected by whomever their child is dating.

  18. What are problems faced by those in interracial realationships? Others’ Opinions – • The opinions of friends and family, along with stigmas and stereotypes that the relationship may inherently carry can significantly affect the well-being (or lack thereof) of the relationship.

  19. Emotional/Mental – • Disapproval and/or negative comments from family, friends and sometimes, strangers. • Some people may feel shunned or out of place in the presence of the other person’s family. • It may take the person a longer time to earn respect from the other person’s family. • Fighting constantly for approval places a greater deal of stress on relationship.

  20. Why do you think some parents might be against interracial dating? • Fear and/or ignorance of the other culture • Cannot easily trust the maturity level or judgment of their own children • Conventional, cannot accept certain radical changes • Pressure of approval and acceptance in their own society • Have negative experience stemming from an interracial relationship • Fear of cultural clashes between families and/or couple • Fear that their grandchildren will be racially confused

  21. Survey • What can we do to help change the negative views of interracial dating?

  22. INTERRACIAL DATING • Conclusion – • Due to diversity being embraced, it is easier to gain and maintain acceptance in the USA for interracial relationships, compared to other countries. • Studies show that a large majority of younger, college-age individuals have been in or are willing to be in an interracial relationship. They also showed a broader mentality and better tolerance towards this issue. • There are today, inspiring examples of true love, in which people are in a successful, rich, rewarding interracial relationship. • Although interracial dating is a less controversial issue among Americans today, it still remains an issue. Especially for older generations, it is hard to accept these radical changes. Hence, the change may be slow and difficult for some, but it is on its way.