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CHHIPAWAD . HISTORY OF CHHIPA . According to the “Balwa Pothy” Chhipa came from Jesalmer and resided in Nagor. Before the Samvat Year 1291, all Chhipas were Hindus.

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  2. HISTORY OF CHHIPA • According to the “Balwa Pothy” Chhipa came from Jesalmer and resided in Nagor. • Before the Samvat Year 1291, all Chhipas were Hindus. • In the Samvat Year 1291, when Firozshah Taghalakh of Takhlakh lineage was on throne of Delhi, all the Chhipas had adopted Islam in Nagor sharif.

  3. PEAK TIME OF CHHIPAS • Chhipa’s screen print and block print work was highly appreciated for a long time. • It is said that in early times of Chhipas, well known emperor of his time, King Akbar has also praised the work of Chhipas.

  4. PEAK TIME OF CHHIPAS • As Chhipas were the experts at the art of screen & block print, it became the main source of their survival. • Mills & “Karkhanas” were established by Chhipas; and most of the man power was used to promote the same kind of work. • Ahmedabad once became the “Manchester of India” because of the clothing industries and huge contribution of Chhipas.

  5. LOST FOCUS FROM OTHER BASICS • Education – “Bhan-namu kino faydo huwo hai” • No or limited education for girls • Less interest in search for a better life • Limited themselves within the “Chhipawad Territories” • Very little curiosity about their Legal Rights.

  6. GOT HIT BY CHANGING TIME • Things changed – Printing work collapsed or gone elsewhere. • Left behind in other careers • Lack of education & motivation. • Never wanted to come out of their typical “Chhipawad” mentality. • Discrimination against Muslims in India was & has been a negative factor on top of everything else.

  7. SOME EXCEPTIONS:THOSE WHO EXPLORED OUT • Alhamdo-Lillah, some Chhipas like us here had the opportunity to explore out side the Chhipawad boundries. • They went all over the world including USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East… • They were able to have a better life style for themselves and their families. • They are doing their part individually to support their families based in Chhipawad. • They came to better understanding of true Islam.

  8. THE KIND OF EFFORTS NEEDED • Alhamdo-Lillah, we are all doing whatever we can to support our own families back home in Chhipawad. • COLLECTIVE and ONGOING effort from all of us here to achieve bigger and better goals is needed. • We also strongly need to change our mindset of not being able to bring the much needed change in Chhipawad by concluding that nothing can be done about it.

  9. PROJECTS:TO BE ACHIEVED • Higher Education for our Youth. • More and more Science students and facilities to accommodate them. • English Speaking and Computer Classes. • Upliftment of Girls’ Education and Women Rights. • Awareness of our Constitutional Rights. • Encourage people to get out and explore the world. • Very importantly, teach proper way of Islam.

  10. WHAT WE DID COLLECTIVELY!!! • Established the Chhipa Foundation of America. • Got all Chhipas together as part of this convention so everybody is aware of the work that needs to be done. • Already launched our first project in Chhipawad by Publishing & Distributing “Know Your Legal Rights” books translated into Gujarati.

  11. WHAT WE DID COLLECTIVELY!!! • Invited social workers from India like Amrish Mishra who is working for Muslims in India, specifically in Gujarat. • Started $1 a day Project. • Striving constantly to involve more and more Chhipas to the work.

  12. WHAT’S NEEDED OF YOU!!! • First of All, Your DU’AS are needed at all times. • Financial support. • Voluntary support. • Suggestions concerning the betterment of Chhipa community based in Chhipawad. • Any help and support which you think is beneficial for this cause.


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