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Web Pages Using FirstClass PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Pages Using FirstClass

Web Pages Using FirstClass

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Web Pages Using FirstClass

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  1. Web Pages Using FirstClass Dean McKinney Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools January, 2006

  2. A Teacher’s Home Page… Suggested sections… Home Page (ie title page) Course outlines Current homework Related web sites Resources Behavior expectations Class/course calendar

  3. Starting Point… Log into your FirstClass email. FILE MENU -->Open -->Home Page Places new folder on your email desktop. You now have an Internet address:

  4. How do I create the web pages for my Home Page folder? • Home Page Construction Kit • Personal Web Page forms • HTML Editor • Leave blank and just add files

  5. Personal Web Page Simplest method Open Home Page folder and then…. File Menu-->New-->New Document Special-->Personal Web Page Use NAME to name your web page. (eg. Home Page, Page 2, etc.) File out bottom of the page like an email message.

  6. Personal Web Page • Formatting The Page • Same features used in email messages: • FORMAT Menu • Insert pop-up Menu • Add pictures, background images

  7. Personal Web Page • Making Web Links • Create links by typing the words you want displayed, highlight the words, and then choose: • Edit Menu-->Make Link • Target Links can be: • Internet URLs (eg. • Another web page name (eg. Page Two) • Your file name (eg. Assignment.doc) You now have an Internet webpage: Page

  8. Home Page Construction Kit? • Use forms to create pages • Create nice layouts • Quicker and more consistent • Can copy/duplicate pages • Greater learning curve • More difficult to customize pages • Does your email account have space?

  9. Using The Home Page Method Log into FirstClass. Update your email settings: -->FirstClass User Tools conference -->Home Page Construction Kit v2 -->double click-->HCK2.1 Settings File.fc

  10. Suggestions For Web Pages • Before you begin… • Decide how the site will look. Pick a color, background, banner graphic, and font size/style that you will use throughout the site. • Determine the links that will be used to navigate the site and display them the same way throughout. • Top Navigation Strip • Buttons • Side Column

  11. Using The Home Page Method

  12. Using The Home Page Method


  14. Using The Home Page Method Open your Home Page folder. Create a new HCK2 web page:

  15. Using The Home Page Method <--Name your file (avoid spaces & punctuation) Header This section creates what is displayed at the top of the page. Web page content added in the bottom section of the form.

  16. Placed a banner graphic in a folder named images-->

  17. Using The Home Page Method Body/Footer section for additional formatting features only.

  18. Navigating Your Website <--Links to a file inside a folder <--Links to an email address <--Link to any Internet address

  19. Navigating Your Website See Buttons! (click to download)

  20. Navigating Your Website

  21. Optional: Features Column

  22. Adding Content • Use the message body area of the form to add content to your web pages. • Images • Copy/Paste into message or… • Upload into Home Folder-->Insert Pop-Up menu • Gig, jpg, or png • Link Image • Click image then EDIT Menu-->Make link

  23. Additional Information • • Add Your Calendar • <shift> drag Calendar into Home Folder • Link Path-->Calendar • • Add Your Address Book • <shift> drag Address Book into Home Folder • Link Path-->Address Book • • Use WebQuests (Get copies of template) • • WebLogs ( • • Podcasts (subscriptions to audio, video, and/or text)

  24. Additional Information Download This PowerPoint More Information on Home Page Construction Kit Visit the FirstClass User Tools conference on your email for extensive explanations. FirstClass Account Space? Open FC Server Disk Usage in the FirstClass User Tools conference to see how much room you have.

  25. Make It So…Number One!