ending modern day slavery n.
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Ending modern day slavery PowerPoint Presentation
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Ending modern day slavery

Ending modern day slavery

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Ending modern day slavery

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  1. Ending modern day slavery • Last year we celebrated the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act – proposed byWilliam Wilberforce • William Wilberforce was famous because he was the Parliamentary spokesperson for the Abolition Movement which put an end to the slave trade two hundred years ago. • This presentation is about putting an end to modern day slavery by supporting FAIRTRADE

  2. Fairtrade • The FAIRTRADE SCHEME helps people in poorer countries get: • A fair wage/ pay • A fair life • A fair future

  3. Get Involved ! In making our school a FAIRTRADE SCHOOL (2)

  4. That’s not fair! • What would you say if your mum and dad worked all day and got 50p for their wages, while their bosses earned as much as they liked? • What would you say if their bosses had lots to eat but you had very little? • What would you say if the bosses children could go to school but you couldn’t? • What would you say if you had to live in a tin shack while your mum and dad’s boss lived in luxury? • You’d say….. • THAT’S NOT FAIR! • (YOU’D BE RIGHT) • (3)

  5. Global problem Sadly there are millions of people around the world who are treated unfairly EVERY DAY! (4)


  7. We can help make the world a fairer place by becoming a FAIRTRADE SCHOOL (6)

  8. What does FAIRTRADE MEAN? • Farmers in poor countries get a fair and stable price for their products • They get extra money to buy things they will need, like seeds and equipment • They can have a better lifestyle • They can send their families to school • (7)

  9. HOW DOES FAIRTRADE WORK? The success of “FAIRTRADE”, depends on people like us around the world. One big way to support FAIRTRADE is when you and your family shop, just try and buy some FAIRTRADE products (8)

  10. Divine Chocolate (9)

  11. What can we do in school? • We want to become a FAIRTRADE SCHOOL , to do this we need your help. • From now on we will be thinking about how we can be a FAIRTRADE school (11)

  12. HOW? • We will have visitors in to talk to us about fairness and FAIRTRADE • We will be doing work in the classrooms on FAIRTRADE • We will be having our next Pupil’s Voice Forum discussing how we can be a FAIRTRADE SCHOOL in the future. • We will hold a “FAIRTRADE” bun – stall . • (12)

  13. This is a short story about how FAIRTRADE has changed one family’s life (13)

  14. This is Joe, he works on a cocoa plantation (14)

  15. These are the cocoa pods he harvests, this is what chocolate is made from (15)

  16. Although he works from dawn to dusk, he gets very little money, he is very poor and cannot have many things, he is very worried about his family’s future (16)

  17. This is some of his family, they are poor too. (17)

  18. Joe is much happier now that there is FAIRTRADE in his village (18)

  19. His family are much happier too because they have a better income (19)

  20. This village in Ghana now has a clean water well (20)

  21. Children can go to school (21)

  22. Thank-you for listening

  23. Please do some of these activities with your pupils and support FAIR TRADE in our school • • • Some FAIRTRADESCHOOL activity ideas for pupils in KS1/2 • KS1 • Observational pictures of “Fairtrade” products you can buy. • “Say no to bullying” posters. • Make buns using “fair-trade” products • KS2 • Find out/write about the history of “Fairtrade” • Design “fair-trade” posters for our school. • Design bun-recipes using “fair-trade” products – put them into the school recipe book • PUPIL’S VOICE FORUM – MARCH 18TH • How can we make our school a “Fair-trade school” – Discuss (KS1 and KS2)