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  2. WHAT HAS THE ASSOCIATION DONE FOR ME LATELY? The President requested a 3.4% pay raise. EANGUS, along with the Military Coalition of which EANGUS plays a major role, lobbied for and got a 3.9% increase. That .5% difference represents the following: TRADITIONAL SOLDIER/AIRMEN *E-4 with 4 years of service- gains an additional $11.00 per MUTA 4, and a $41.00 increase in AT pay. *E-6 with 12 years of service - gains an additional $16.00 per MUTA 4, and a $60.00 increase in AT pay. *E-9 with 25 years of service - gains an additional $27.00 per MUTA 4, and a $101.00 increase in AT pay.

  3. AGRS *E-4 over 4 years of service - gains $80.00 a month *E-6 over12 years of service - gains $121.00 a month *E-8 over18 years of service - gains $163.00 a month More AGR positions - 2,133 MilTechs *GS-6 - gains $975.00 a year *GS-7 - gains $1,087.00 a year *GS-8 - gains $1,203.00 a year *GS-9 - gains $1.325.00 a year More MilTech positions - 1,177

  4. Lower TRICARE Reserve Select Fees *Member only - $47.51 a month - a reduction of $33.49 per month *Family - $253.00 a month reduction of $72.83 a month Where can you get Health Care cost for your entire family for just $253.00 a month? New MGIB benefits for those who served 90 day tours of Active Duty *Tuition - $21,250 per year *Books - $1,000 per year *Stipend - $11,952 per year *Tutor - $1,200 per year

  5. During the late 90’s and into the 21st Century, many of NGAUS’ efforts were directed at congressional “adds” for equipment, full-time manning, military construction and force sustainment. Retirement points for inactive duty were increased from 75 to 90, special pay, bonuses and benefits, including VA home loans were established, and Montgomery G.I. benefits and commissary privileges were enhanced. In 2007, the efforts of our associations resulted in the reinstatement of the Army National Guard end-strength of 350,000 soldiers. And, after a 7-year campaign, all Guardsmen were granted better access to TRICARE at an affordable rate and lawmakers also lowered the basic housing allowance threshold from 140 days to 30 days for members of the Guard.

  6. In 2008 we successfully encouraged Congress to pass the National Guard Empowerment Act, which among other things elevated the Chief of the NGB to the rank of 4-stars and put the National Guard on equal footing with other service/MAJCOM chiefs. Just a few things that the Associations does, to know more visit

  7. What is the Association is doing in the Unicameral? LB 17, The University of Nebraska, the state colleges, and the community colleges would waive all tuition for veterans who leave military service as a result of combat-related injuries or who are permanently disabled as a result of injuries sustained in the line of duty. LB 69, would exempt military retirement benefits from income tax. Beginning with the 2009 tax year 10% of the retirement benefit would be exempt from state income tax. There would be a 10% increase each year after until 100% of the retirement benefits were exempt in the year 2018. LB 70, would exempt military retirement benefits from income tax. Beginning with the 2009 tax year an individual would be able to exclude twenty four thousand dollars of benefits received from a military retirement. If both spouses received military retirement benefits then the amount of the exemption could not exceed forty eight thousand dollars.

  8. Discounts • Apple Computer • Army Times • Cellular Service • Alltel, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, Jitterbug • Credit Card Program • Dell Computers • Military Checks, Inc. • Vehicle Advantage • Leasing, Buying • Rental Car • Avis, Budget

  9. Discounts Cont. • Free Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance • EANGUS Travel Services • Hotel Discounts • Annual Scholarships • Cruises • Emergency Relief Program • TRICARE supplement • EANGUS Insurance Programs • Technician Disability and Life Insurance • Preferred Vision Care

  10. What can I do to help? • Join the Nebraska Enlisted Association. • Visit to sign up or to sign up online. • Be an active member of the NE Enlisted Association. • Attend Meetings • Have your voice heard • Sponsor a Junior Enlisted in the Enlisted Association. • Spread the word about what the Association does and what you get out of it.