frog and toad presents the garden written and illustrated by arnold lobel n.
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Frog and Toad Presents… The Garden Written and Illustrated by Arnold Lobel PowerPoint Presentation
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Frog and Toad Presents… The Garden Written and Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Frog and Toad Presents… The Garden Written and Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

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Frog and Toad Presents… The Garden Written and Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

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  1. Frog and ToadPresents…The GardenWritten and Illustratedby Arnold Lobel

  2. What do you already know about Frog and Toad, and their friendship?

  3. Let’s see what you know… • How do seeds grow into plants? • How long does it take for a seed to grow? • What do plants need to survive?* water* light* space to grow

  4. Why are the Frog and Toad stories fantasies? Because… Frog and Toad behave and speak like people!

  5. Vocabulary Words • ground • shouted • frightened • fine • garden • work • soon • planted • growing • close • path • noise • poor • afraid • leave • looked • candles • window • tired • whole • nice • at last • of course • right (correct) Discuss the meaning of each word and use it in a sentence.

  6. As we read the story, think about who keeps trying? • How does he keep trying? • Why doesn’t he quit or give up?

  7. LET’S READ… You better remember to print match!!! I’m watching you!!!

  8. Let’s Make Connections… • How does this story relate to our concept/question board “Keep Trying”? • How is Toad different than the Itsy Bitsy Spider? • How are Frog and Toad like Ruby Bridges, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King Jr.?

  9. Let’s Summarize… • We summarize to help us remember what happened! • Raise your hand if you can summarize The Garden for us.

  10. Let’s sequence the methods Toad tried to make his seeds grow… • 1. Toad tells his seeds to start growing. • 2. Toad loudly tells his seeds to start growing. • 3. Toad shouted “NOW SEEDS START GROWING!” • 4. Toad read a long story by candlelight to his seeds. • 5. Toad sang songs to his seeds in the rain. • 6. Toad read poems all day to his seeds. • 7. Toad played music all day to his seeds.

  11. Parts of a story • Title: • The Garden • Author: • Arnold Lobel • Characters: • Frog and Toad • Setting: (Time and Place in which the story happens) • Frog and Toad’s house and their gardens

  12. Let’s Discuss… • How did Toad feel when his garden didn’t grow? • How would you feel if you tried to do something and you were not successful? • Tell us about a time when this happened to you.

  13. Why did Toad’s garden finally grow?

  14. What is a goal? • What is Toad’s goal? • Share a goal you have. • What are the problems in the story? • Why didn’t Toad give up?

  15. HARD WORK Frog said growing a garden is hard work. Toad agreed it is hard work! • What is the difference between the kind of hard work Frog meant and the work Toad did? • Frog was talking about taking care of a garden by watering and weeding. • Toad was talking about singing, reading, and playing music to his seeds!

  16. Drawing Conclusions Did you know… The author does not write everything he wants you to know in the story!!! Readers must draw conclusions in order to figure everything out! The author gives you clues and information about the characters and events, that you can use to help you draw conclusions. Let’s Try It…

  17. 1. What kind of person (animal) is Toad? What are the clues that help us know? Conclusion: Toad is not a patient person. • Does Toad know a lot about gardening? What are the clues that help us know? Conclusion: He does not know a lot about gardening. • Conclusion: Toad didn’t understand seeds need time to grow. What are the clues that help us know this? • We know Toad reads a story to his seeds, but the author doesn’t tell us why he does this. What can we conclude why he does this? Conclusion: Because the seeds are afraid to grow and afraid of the dark.

  18. More Drawing Conclusions… ~What is Toad trying to accomplish (his goal)? ~Think about the clues… *What was Toad’s wish? *He reads, sings, and plays music. Conclusion: Toad is trying to get his seeds to grow and not be afraid. He is trying to get his garden to grow.

  19. Compare ~ Contrast What Toad Did with What Frog Said What actually made the seeds grow? Rain Sunlight Time

  20. Let’s talk about…

  21. Can you label the lifecycle of a frog?

  22. Compare and ContrastFrogs and Toads *Amphibians *Hatch from eggs *Have no teeth *Have teeth on upper jaw *Have a backbone *Have a brain and heart *Lay eggs in chains *Lay eggs in clusters *Jump *Walk *Dry, warty skin *Smooth, slimy skin *Young have gills *Adults have lungs

  23. Friendship What makes a good friendship?

  24. You can achieve ANYTHING! • A frog and toad can accomplish anything if they keep trying. • JUST LIKE YOU!!! • Always remember… • Be patient! • Never quit! • Think positive! • Keep trying! • Give it your best!

  25. Let’s have some fun!

  26. The End