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The New Paganism: Wicca, Witchcraft & Nature-based Religions By Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D. North American Mission Board PowerPoint Presentation
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The New Paganism: Wicca, Witchcraft & Nature-based Religions By Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D. North American Mission Board

The New Paganism: Wicca, Witchcraft & Nature-based Religions By Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D. North American Mission Board

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The New Paganism: Wicca, Witchcraft & Nature-based Religions By Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D. North American Mission Board

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  1. The New Paganism: Wicca, Witchcraft & Nature-based Religions By Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D. North American Mission Board

  2. Gallup Polling on Psychic and Paranormal • ‘01 - ‘90 • Psychic, Spiritual, Mind Healing 54%-46% • Extrasensory Perception 50%-49% • Haunted Houses 42%-29% • Ghosts of the Dead 38%-25% • Mental/Spiritual Telepathy 36%-36% • Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth 33%-27%

  3. Gallup Polling on Psychic and Paranormal • ‘01 - ‘90 • Clairvoyance of Future 32%-26% • Communication with the Dead 28%-18% • Astrology 28%-25% • Witches 26%-14% • Reincarnation 25%-21% • Trance Channeling 15%-11%

  4. This Presentation Is Indebted To… Witchcraft Exploring the World of Wicca by Craig S. Hawkins Baker Books, 1996

  5. The New Paganism or Neo-Paganism is “A revival of the old gods and goddesses of pre-Christian paleopagan polytheistic nature religions, mythologies, and mystery cults, such as Celtic, Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and other Traditions of the Western world. . . . Astaroth, Diana, Hectate, Cernunnos, Osiris, Pan, and others are being invoked anew.” --Craig S. Hawkins

  6. Spirit Fire Air Pentacle Is A Symbol of Earth Religions & Neo-Paganism Earth Water

  7. Horn Horn Inverted Pentacle is a Symbol of the Horned-God, Pan Also a Satanist Symbol Ear Ear Chin

  8. anti-dogmatic anti-authoritarian diverse decentralized eclectic experience based nature oriented Witchcraft, also known as wicca,the craft, or the craft of the wise, is a generic term for the Neo-Pagan religious movement that is-

  9. polytheistic and/or pantheistic and/or panentheistic and... worship/believe in/ invoke/experience Mother Goddess Horned God Followers of witchcraft are…

  10. Witches practice… • diverse kinds of divination • altered states of consciousness • or trances • magick spells and incantations • special rites for seasonal holy days

  11. Transcendental Meditation Produces An Altered State Of Mind & Relieves Stress --- Promoted In Schools And Workplaces

  12. Crystal Balls Are A Kind Of Divination Which Is Prohibited In Bible

  13. Tarot Cards Are Another Very Popular And Widely Available Form of Divination

  14. Astrology-- Divining the Future With The Stars-- Is Prominent In Neo-Paganism

  15. Aroma Therapy Is A Neo-Pagan Way to Wellness --- Change Your Reality With Magick

  16. Colour Therapy Is Another Neo-Pagan Way To Wellness --- Change Your Reality With The Magick of Colour Therapy

  17. Three Core Values of Witchcraft • Experience over Dogma • Religious Toleration • Religious & Moral Relativism

  18. CHARACTERISTIC BELIEFS • Pantheism • God is Everything • Everything is God • God is Impersonal • Since you are something, you too are God • Or, Panentheism • World is IN God • There’s more to God than world • God is both Personal and Impersonal

  19. CHARACTERISTICS BELIEFS (continued) • Monism • Everything is One • All distinctions are mere Illusions • Reincarnation • Will be reborn as a new baby, after death, and live a new life • Past lives • Future lives are improved by positive karma in this life and visa-versa

  20. CHARACTERISTIC BELIEFS (continued) • Polytheism • There are many deities • There is a hierarchy among many deities • Animism or Spiritism • Everything has a spirit • There is interaction between all spirits • Hylozoism - everything has a lifeforce • Panpsychism - everything has consciousness

  21. Neo-Pagan Views on Deity • The Gods are Immanent Deities Pervading All of Nature • Mother Goddess or Triple Goddess is Primary *Maiden *Mother *Crone • Male Consort, the Horned God, is Secondary • Other Intermediate Spirit Beings Are Also Manifestations of the “One” • All Deities May Be Real Entities or Metaphors

  22. Neo-Pagan Views on the Goddess • The Three Phases of the Goddess are Associated with the Three Phases of the Moon (waxing, full, waning) • The Goddess is Eternal & Assoc. with the Earth • The Goddess is Invoked by a Variety of Names *Aphrodite *Astarte *Diana *Cybele *Gaia *Isis *Venus *Luna • Diana is Most Popular Name in Witchcraft

  23. Neo-Pagan Views on the Horned God • Horned God is Assoc. with the Sun • Horned God is Lord of the Animals, Death and the Afterlife • Horned God is NOT Eternal, He Dies Every Winter and is Reborn Every Summer • Horned God is Invoked by a Variety of Names *Adonis *Ammon-Ra *Osiris *Thor *Pan • Pan is the Most Popular Name in Witchcraft

  24. CHARACTERISTIC BELIEFS (continued) • Moral Relativism • No Distinction between good/evil or right/wrong • There can be no judge of ethics • Actions simply “are”, they are not good or evil • In absence of an ethical judge, the individual person decides what is “good” for him

  25. CHARACTERISTIC BELIEFS (continued) • Pluralism • All religions are equally true & one • Essence of all religion is the same • Existentialism • Religious truths are only subjective • Religious truths are only personal

  26. Neo-Pagan Views On Sin, Salvation, Hell, Death, Afterlife, Ethics • Sin & Hell as Conceived by Christianity is Myth • Sin is Disharmony with the Goddess • Salvation is Harmony with the Goddess • Death and Life are Cycles of Rebirth • The Intermediate Place of the Soul Between Death and Rebirth is Called “Summerland” • Wiccan Ethical Code is “If You Harm None, Do What You Will”

  27. Magickal Techniques Include… Astrology Astral Projection Scrying Necromancy Incantations Potion Making Crystal Gazing I Ching Channeling Tarot Cards Raising Psychic Powers Trances Sex Magick Numerology Runes Ritual Nudity Neo-Pagan Practices-MagickMagick is the Natural Manipulation of the World, Usually by Secret (Hidden or Occult) Means

  28. Motivations For Magick Include… aesthetic appeal artistic expression drama gain prosperity alter consciousness healing manipulate reality for suitable ends personal development facilitate spiritual growth union with the Divine realize self divinity harmonize with earth Neo-Pagan Practices-Magick

  29. Neo-Pagan Practices-The Coven • Witch Coven has 13-30 members • Covens gather in a 9ft Magick Circle • 13 regular meetings (esbats) each year at full or new moons • Each coven member is priest(ess) & clergy • Each coven has a High Priest(ess) • There are 3 or more degrees of initiation • Several other rite of passage observances

  30. Feminism, Earth Religions, Mother Earth, Pantheism, Witchcraft, & Goddess Worship Are All Neo-Pagan FEM-Themes

  31. Neo-Pagan Practices-Calendar • 8 main Holy Days each year called “Sabbats” • 8 Sabbats correspond to Solar Cycle • 4 Minor Sabbats * Winter Solstice (Dec) *Spring Equinox (Mar) *Summer Solstice (Jun) *Fall Equinox (Sep) • 4 Major Sabbats *Nov Eve *Feb Eve *May Eve *Aug Eve

  32. alter black-hilted knife bowls of salt & water bell(s) broom candles cord(s) cauldron chalice censer crystal(s) images of Goddess-God incense & burners necklace or pendant pentacle scourge staff sword wand white-hilted knife grimoires (magick texts) Tools of Witchcraft

  33. --Christianity Vs. Neo-Paganism-- • Pantheism • Panentheism • Polytheism • Animism • Monism • Reincarnation • Trinitarian • Monotheism • Creator-Creation • Resurrection

  34. --Christianity Vs. Neo-Paganism-- • Absolute Bib. • Morality • Exclusivity • Objectivity & • Religious Exp. • Moral Rel. or • Wiccan Code • Pluralism • Existentialism

  35. EVANGELISM STRATEGY • Because of diversity, find out the particular beliefs of the recipient and begin from there • Be prepared gently to undermine the foundation of their belief system (pantheism, monism) by pointing out necessary implications • This kind of evangelism is especially dependent upon prayer

  36. EVANGELISM STRATEGY(Continued) • Gently point out the inconsistencies between belief and the possibility of practice • Point out self defeating claims of moral relativism • Offer the genuine unique Jesus as the solution to all • Share your own genuine experience of faith and repentance & living in Christ

  37. EVANGELISM STRATEGY(Continued) • Show consistent love • Show unconditional love • Be ever ready to introduce them to the Ever-Faithful God of the Bible when the Mother Goddess fails them

  38. Children’s Media Is Riddled With Neo-Pagan & Occultic Themes

  39. “Lion King” and “Pocahontas” Advances Neo-Pagan Worldview

  40. On The Neo-Pagan Bookshelf Harry Potter Books Promote Witchcraft

  41. What Does The Bible Say About Pagan Practices? “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD.” (Deut 18:10-12) See also -- Lev 19:26, 31;20:6; 2 Kin 17:10-17; 21:1-6; 23:24-25; 2 Chron 33:6; Isa 8:19-20; 47:12-15; Acts 13:6-12; 16:16-18; Gal 5:19-20; Rev 9:21; 21:8; 22:15

  42. “Snake Analogy” Practical Advice for Surfing the Neo-Pagan Wave • Don’t Play With • Snakes • If You’re Going • To Play With • Snakes…Know • The Dangers SNAKES

  43. Surfing the Neo-Pagan Wave • Don’t Play With • Neo-Paganism • If You’re Going • To Play With Neo- • Paganism…Know • The Dangers Neo-Paganism