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Important things to know before you start meditating PowerPoint Presentation
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Important things to know before you start meditating

Important things to know before you start meditating

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Important things to know before you start meditating

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  1. Important Things To Know Before You Start Meditating There are numerous ways and tips to focus your mind during meditation. However, before you start meditating you have to prepare yourself in order to have a deeper effect and better knowledge of the question. There are numerous tips that could help you and we are going to provide you with the few ones so that you know how to start and whet to do at the beginning.

  2. Choose a Convenient Time You have to understand that meditation is the relaxation time and that you should do it not in the moment where you are in a middle of something, but in the perfect moment when you can relax and enjoy. There are different moments that are great for meditation, and most of people and guru are stating that it is great to meditate during sunset and sunrise, because in those moments we are experiencing transition between one time of the day and other, and the meditation is also transition between your spiritual and physical being.

  3. Sit in a Comfortable Posture Your posture is important because the idea is to stop thinking about trivial things around you. So set your comfortable place and when you sit you should relax and enjoy. Everything depends on your condition if you have passed with back hurt, you have to make a place that will help you because meditation doesn’t have to include any discomfort and pain.

  4. About Us Bernadette Balla is an ambitious and spiritually focused young woman who lives and works in the eclectic hub of San Francisco. She started in the position of quality assurance manager at Silicon Valley start-up Twitch in 2009. Twitch is the world’s leading streaming video and gaming platform, a recent unicorn, having been acquired by Amazon two years ago for just under a billion dollars. Over the last few years Bernadette has dedicated herself to the evolution of an authentic and spiritual approach to her life, one she now integrates seamlessly into her career in the tech world.

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