ching ming festival n.
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Ching Ming Festival PowerPoint Presentation
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Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming Festival

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Ching Ming Festival

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  1. Ching Ming Festival Name : Lee Ka Ming, Pang Chun Kit Class : 4B1 Teacher-in-charge : Ms. Ho Yin Kwan Date of Presentation : 23th March, 2009

  2. Good morning. principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates.

  3. I am Lee Ka Ming from 4B1. I am Pang Chun Kit from 4B1.

  4. Kit, why are you carrying a bunch of flowers and a roasted suckling pig? My mother asked me to buy them before 4 April.

  5. Don’t you know that it usually falls on 4th or 5th of April. Ching Ming is also called “Remembrance of Ancestors Day” or “Grave Sweeping Day”. Oh yes… I nearly forget. That’s the Ching Ming Festival!

  6. I need to buy incense sticks, paper money and paper clothes etc. All paper offerings will be burnt because we believe that the relatives can get the goods and even paper money this way. What do you have to prepare for the Ching Ming Festival? It is coming after 2 weeks.

  7. That’s silly but funny! Hahaha… I prefer the roasted suckling pig, steamed chicken, fruit and wine. Food is much better than the paper stuff. You can eat them up after the worshipping.

  8. I like eating too but not that kind of food. I would rather give the food to the poor. I saw some poor teenagers and adults last year. They were asking people if they wanted the weeding services around the grave stones. Since we visit the grave twice a year (Ching Ming & Chung Yeung), we can handle the weed with a pair of scissors.

  9. Did you see some children then? I remember that there were children wearing dirty clothes offering us a red piece of paper and a stone to put on the top of the grave stone. That sounds strange. What’s that for?

  10. I am not sure, probably about good luck to the dead people since red means luck. I even gave a few dollars to the children to buy this red paper. I am not sure if we can meet those children this time.

  11. Anyway, you have to be alert as the transport will be busy on that day. You had better take the public transport and bring enough water. Yes, I shall be alert and prevent hill fire. We should prepare a bucket of water to put out the fire after burning the paper offering.

  12. You are considerate. I am not talking to you now. Your mum should be waiting for you. Talk later. Yes. See you!

  13. This is the end of our presentation. Thank you.