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January 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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January 2015

January 2015

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January 2015

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  1. January 2015 Igor Berezin Topline results of the 14-thAnnual Survey of the Russian Marketers’ Guild «Dynamics of the Russian market of marketing services»

  2. I. Sample size and structure 165experts in Marketing From35 cities of Russia 75% - members of the Russian Marketers’ Guild 60% - Moscow residents 60% - senior managers (head of a company or of a Marketing Department of an organization) 42years – average age of the respondent 14years – average length of work of the respondent in the field of Marketing 6.5year – average length of work with current employer 35%respondents work in large organizations

  3. Age of the experts(keeps increasing year-on-year) Average age of the respondent in 2014 – 42years (in 2012 – 38 , in 2010 – 34, in 2006 – 33 years)

  4. Years with the current employer(keeps increasing year-on-year) Average length of work for the current employer in 2014 is6,5 years (in 2012 – 5, in 2010 – 4, in2006 – 3.5years)

  5. Size of the Marketing Department Average size of the Marketing Department, if any, in the respondents’ organization was in 2014 – 10-11employees. (as compared to 12employees in 2013)

  6. II. Organizational changes

  7. What happened to the Marketing Department? %

  8. What about Marketing Budget in 2014?Expectationsas of end 2013 % Average (no weighting) change – growth by16%

  9. What about Marketing Budget in 2014?Actual figures % Average (no weighting) change – growth by 8%

  10. Spending growth areas in marketing:% responses • Internet marketing – 45% (40%) • Sales promotion – 25% (18%) • Marketing infrastructure – 20% (16%) • Salary of Marketing dept. – 17% (31%) • Employee training – 17% (18%) • Consumer databases – 13,5% (15%) • Market research – 12,5% (14%) • Advertisement in mass media– 11% (22%) • BTL & DM – 11% (7%) • None of the above – 27% (19%)

  11. Spending cut areas in marketing:% responses • Databases – 1,8% (5,8%) • Salary in Marketing dept. – 3,7% (5,3%) • Internet Marketing – 4,3% (2,6%) • Sales promotion – 7% (4,7%) • BTL & DM – 9% (8,5%) • Marketing infrastructure – 12% (7,5%) • Employee training – 12,5% (5,8%) • Market research – 15% (4,3%) • Advertisement in mass media – 27% (22,6%) • None of the above – 45% (58%)

  12. What will happen to Marketing Budget in 2015?Expectationsas of end 2014 % Average figure (no weighting) – growth by 9%

  13. Year-to-year growth rate of marketing budgets in 2010 – 2015 Average growth rate; %

  14. III.Research agencies Number of the research agencies active on the Russian market stays roughly the same over the last 12 years.

  15. Dynamics of the research market (stagnation)

  16. Volume of the Research Market. USD Mio. (increased gap between the two estimates) Guild of Marketers and OIROM (20 experts)millionUSD

  17. MR Market size estimates for the next year (expectations for the year of 2015 similar to those for 2009)

  18. IV. Consulting companies During the crisis of 2009 the number of consulting companies active on the market dropped by 28%, and then recovered slowly

  19. Market size dynamics for marketing consulting(stagnation) Mio. USD

  20. MC Market size estimates for the next year (expectations for 2015 are worse than those for 2009)

  21. The Guild of Marketers Marketingis a system of management of the development and promotion of products and services that bring value to the consumer, manufacturer, and to the society as a whole, build upon the complex analysis of the market. The definition was adopted by the extended Council of the Non-commercial Partnership “The Guild of Marketers” in November, 2010 Motto – Together we can accomplish more! Positioning – social network of the professional contacts The Guild was established in 2001 Consists of 270+industrial experts in the field of Marketing from Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany and other countries

  22. USP: Elevating the professional level of expertise of every member Think-tank:ultra-high concentrationof marketing knowledge superstarstop expertsmega professionalsgurus Complicated tasksUnique experience Actionable solutionsAdded value starsexpertsprofessionalsacademicians Synergy:Sharing knowledge and experience, idea generation, search of the solutions

  23. Non-commercial partnership «The Guild of Marketers» Is a peer network of marketing professionals as individual members: • Owners and top managers of companies and organizations with marketing paradigm appreciation • Leadingexpertsand directors of marketing departments of various companies and organizations in manufacturing, trade or services industries • Professors, lecturers, authors of books in Marketing, managers and specialists in marketing education • Consultantsin Marketing and Branding • Researchers – Leaders and top experts from research agencies • Communication experts – top experts from advertising/PR/DM/BTLagencies, editors and publishers of specialized media, employees of public associations, event companies. • Specialists in Internet Marketing and marketing in social media • Specialists in marketing of financial services

  24. Goals of the Guild • To assist in professional growth of its members; Professional networking: sharing experience, opinions, knowledge, data and technology; organizing online and offline discussions, round tables; sourcing the partners for projects. • Development of the marketing in Russia. Joint realization/ implementation/ support for the projects of top importance for the marketing community. Support of the system of marketing education in Russia. Supporting the conferences in Marketing. Active role in shaping the civilized market of marketing services in Russia, keeping up the positive interaction between the market players, conflicts regulation. • Support of the socially responsible market economy in Russia. Supporting the economic growth and increasing the well being of the population via increase in the quality of the products, services, and management/ distribution, as well as of information exchange and idea popularization. 24

  25. Basic principles of the Guild Marketing professionals rather than companies/ organizations are members of the Guild Membership fee is the key element of funding for the Guild. President, Members of the Council, Committes of the Guild perform their duties on the unpaid basis. Guild will not compete with any of its members. Guild may only participate in a commercial project via its professional partners. Equality of the Guild members. Voluntariness of the assumed obligations 25

  26. Rights of the Guild members Address any member of the Guild with a question, suggestion, request for assistance or advice. Place a personal page on the web site of the Guild. Publish a resume or help needed note on the web site of the Guild. Publish own articles, reviews, interviews on the web site of the Guild. Post personal or corporate news to the weekly mail list from the web site of the Guild (once in a month). Create a «marketing portrait» of the own city and post it on the web site of the Guild. Take part in the surveys, conducted by the Guild. Organize a seminar, training course, conference in own city and get an information and intellectual support from the Guild. Organize a club of marketers, round table of business and marketing, city association of the Guild members in own city (min 7 members). Offer a project (idea, initiative) to the Council of Guild for discussion and joint implementation.

  27. Responsibilities of the Guild members • Obey the ethical principles of the Guild. • Response to the messages from other Guild members, answer the letters, suggestions, questions. The response needs not to be positive, but it should HAPPEN. • Wherever possible promote the concept of civilized marketing in Russia and the Guild of Marketers. • Participate in the Annual survey of the Guild. • Timely pay the membership fees.

  28. Essential agenda of the Guild.What we do in some detail: Annualsurvey «Current status and trends of development of marketing services market». Since 2001. AnnualCeremonyrewarding the winners according to results of the Annual Guild Survey. Since 2004. Web-siteof the Guild, as the major intormation platform for networking of marketing professionals, Since 2002. (25 - 30 thousanduniquevisitors per month) Newsletter from the site of the Guild (2750 supscribers). Since 2004. Discussion Clubof the Guild – monthly events. Student diploma award competitionin Marketing, in association with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Since 2004. Publishing the Handbook «Marketing in Russia». Since 2005. Support for Curriculumin Marketing.Since 2003. Support for the top importanceconferences. Since 2004. IdentifyingTop 100 new books on Marketing. Since 2006. Facebook group «Marketers’ Guild» since 2011 (3000+members), and other information exchange platforms. Award ceremony «Orders of Merit in Marketing». Since 2012. 28