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  1. MICROS - FIDELIO Opera Hotel Edition Functionality changes from V3 to V4

  2. Welcome to Version 4 This presentation will take you through the new features available in Version 4 of Opera. This will get you ready for your upcoming upgrade.

  3. Opera PMS – what‘s new? Reservations • Colours – Reservation, VIP or Market • New Reservation Type configuration options • Room move – parameter setting for default return status • Custom Reference • Global Alerts Rates • Rates per person – Added value setting • Rate details split • Rate code routing Housekeeping • Facility Management screen enhanced • Turndown Functionality • Enhanced expanded view Profiles • Advanced Relationships • New buttons in the Profile Options Rate Query • Primary Relationships population • Turnaway, now with country and postal code • LOVs now with multiselect • Average / Total / First Night Rate display Reservations • Source Main Group now available • Hyperlink on room type and room in RSEDIT • New options in Add On Screen • Profile selection in Multiple Payment Screen • Multiple CRS numbers • Guest message screen enhanced • Locators available for checked out guests

  4. Opera PMS – what‘s new? Quick keys and Miscellaneous • Room plan • Dashboard • Wakeup calls • Floor plan • Track It • Logbook Cashiering • Privileges • Pre and post Stay charging • Auto post to No Show Reservations • Post charges to Cancels and no shows • Auto Checkout to AR • Shift drop negative Amount Parameter • Number of copies per receipt type • Open folio Routing by percentage Credit card rebate validation Scheduled Checkout Moved phone Details Option Early departure handling with calculation rules Multi user cashier login Compulsory Check number Automated No Show Posting Scheduled Credit Card Authorisation

  5. Opera PMS – what‘s new? Configuration User configuration Password validation Password lockout General Trace file generation Login Page Supervisor Password Change A/R & Finance • Finance Charges • Auto Assign AR numbers • AR postings in cashier journal • Search by credit Card in Journal and History • End of month reminder Cycle Reporting • Report configuration • Shift Report configuration • Report Scheduler • Number of copies fix

  6. Profiles - Relationships Realtionships now made easier with the possibility to remove Advanced Relationship handling

  7. Rate Query Primary Relationships population – each time a profile that is attached to a company or agent is selected the company/agent name will populate automatically. The negotiated rates that are attached to all linked Profiles will be displayed on the Rate Grid Multiselect LOVs Turnaway now also allows the entry of country and postal code

  8. Rate Query If the average rate button is ticked the rate grid will show the total rate/no of nights In the case of rate change this will show you the rate for the first night only The total rate will show the rate X no of nights

  9. Reservations • Source Codes can now be selected via the Source Group – as known earlier with the Market Code and Market Group New Hyperlink on room type and room in Reservation Screen, that takes you directly to the configuration details Multiple CRS/GDS numbers can now be entered on a single reservation with the added possiblity to search for all CRS/GDS numbers of a single reservation

  10. Reservations – Add On Options New options on the add on screen

  11. Reservations – Multiple Payments Profile selection in multiple payment screen

  12. Reservations - Messages Enhanced guest message screen to facilitate message entry and view

  13. Reservations - Locators Locators now available for checked out guests

  14. Reservation Types New options on reservation type configuration

  15. Reservation Colors It is now possible to define what the colour of a certain reservation should represent If Market Code is selected, the colour will be entered on the Market Code level as known today, if VIP Level is selected an additional colour option will appear in the VIP code configuration. If Reservation is selected; the option to configure free format codes appears in Configuration -> Reservation -> Codes When choosing Reservation in the parameter setting, the codes are configured as below and can be completely hotel specific

  16. Reservation Colors If reservation colours are selected, the colour may be added on the reservation screen The colour appears both in the Arrival search screen, in the Room Plan and in the Telephone Operator screen

  17. Reservations – Global Alerts Hints from Fidelio V6 The new functionality of Global Alerts offers the possibility to generate Alerts for all reservations that contain a certain code – like in this example, where every reservation with a LH or SK membership attached will receive an Alert for free access to the executive lounge.

  18. Reservations – Custom Reference • Custom Reference – this new option allows you to freely define a search value that can be added in the Custom Ref field on the reservation screen. You may then search for the value in the Advanced option of the Reservation Search screen • The Custom Reference field also appears on the Rooming List screen, so values can be added directly when entering the names of a group

  19. Rates – Value Added Rates If this new parameter is switched on, the rates can be configured as added amounts per person in the Rate Code The Split button allows you to split an existing Rate Detail in two (3) parts

  20. Rates – Rate Code Routing On the more fields tab Opera now offers the ability to set a routing for the rate code. The user will be prompted to apply the routing if the rate code is used on a reservation.

  21. Housekeeping – Task Assignment Simplified Task assignment screen This screen is only shown if the advanced button is used

  22. Housekeeping – Task Assignment More colours No of rooms No of credits showing

  23. Housekeeping – Facility Management Facility Management screen has been refreshed to look similar to the rest of the Opera screens • New overview screen of the total number of tasks per room type

  24. Housekeeping - Turndown Turndown now exists as a separate functionality, rather than as part of the tasks when issuing task sheets.  Each room number that is eligible for turndown must be ticked in the room number configuration screen, and the accurate number of credits set up For full flexibility, turndown can be added or removed on each reservation

  25. Housekeeping - Turndown Turndown now has its own menu option in the Housekeeping Management section To print a task sheet for turn down, simply click on Report and select the number of attendants and the maximum number of credits

  26. Quick Keys – Room Plan The Advance button will give the detailed availability Component rooms can now be seen, rooms that are included in the suites are shown with indent Detailed Availability Room Plan Ctrl+F3

  27. Quick Keys – Dashboard Dashboard Ctrl+ F4 New buttons

  28. Quick Keys – Wake Up Calls New and refreshed wake up call screen, showing statuses and clock

  29. Quick Keys – Floor Plan Enhanced floor plan with user friendly icons and easy configuration Floor Plan Shift + F5

  30. Track It Track It Dashboard The new functionality Track It allows the hotel to keep track of luggage, lost items and maintain cars for valets. The ticket numbers can be entered, linked to specific reservations and monitored with statuses like „Delivered to Room“ or „Located in Luggage room in West Wing“ Additionally, different Track It entries can be configured to automatically create traces – and of course, all Track It items show with lamps on the Reservation screen

  31. Log Book The Log Book is here – now all inter-departmental communication and handover can be handled in Opera.

  32. Cashiering – Pre & Post Charges Pre and Post Charges are parameter driven and can be used separately or together – for both of them Rules must be configured The Rules define the limitations to which reservations can have charges These Rules will override any other action

  33. Cashiering – Pre & Post Charges The Privileges of each reservation will adapt the settings of the Rules, however it is always possible to remove these privileges for specific reservations if needed. Even if Privileges are granted to a reservation, if the reservation does not comply with the Rules, no charges can be made Pre Charges can be done as far in advance as configured in the Rules Post Charges can only be done on the day of departure – if Open Folio is not used

  34. Cashiering – Open Folio Open Folio works in conjunction with Post Charges – this allows you to check out a guest with an open balance. The Post Charges will be allowed for as long as configured in the Rules The Open Folio can remain in house for as long as desired Possibility to search for Open Folios only in the Advanced tab of the Billing Search screen Enhanced PX functionality from Fidelio V6

  35. Cashiering – Scheduled Check Out This new functionality allows guests to be scheduled for check out at a given time, the new check out processor in the Opera Utilities will process these guests to status Checked Out (with a 15 min interval) Upon check out a prompt will appear and you can choose to schedule the guest for check out The balance of the guest folio must be zero in order to be checked out automatically

  36. Cashiering – Cheque Number Cheque number can now be made mandatory for certain transaction codes, this is done by ticking the box Check No. Mandatory on the actual transaction code Prompt will be returned if cheque number is omitted.

  37. Cashiering Now Opera offers the ability to allow negative cash drop by switching off the parameter for positive cashier drop To accommodate a natural work flow, the Disable / Enable Phone button has been moved to a tick box in the Print Folio screen

  38. Cashiering – Credit Card Rebate • With functionality Credit Card Rebate Validation switched on, any rebate posting done in a credit card transaction code will be validated against the total debit of the bill. Reference field also becomes mandatory when negative payments are posted, as with negative postings today

  39. Cashiering – Routing Limits % Routing limits now also have the percentage option available

  40. Cashiering – Shared Cashiers • Floating Cashiers now available in Opera – any user that does not have a cashier attached is able to login to any cashier that is configured as shared.

  41. A/R – Finance Charges AR Finance Charges allows you to set up a fixed amount to be charged on top of each invoice on a given day of the month In the AR account type set up, the additional fields will display, allowing you to define the amount or percentage that should be posted. The amount will be posted in the transaction code defined in the parameter setting in the AR parameter group

  42. A/R – Automatic A/R Numbers With the new functionality switched on, whenever a check out is made to City Ledger, Opera will now offer to create the A/R account automatically

  43. A/R – Postings in Journal Postings made in an A/R account now also show in the cashier journal screen Now Opera has the ability to search for credit card number in the journal screen

  44. Reports New screen for the reports configuration

  45. Reports – Shift Reports • You can now create your shift reports in a few clicks: • Setup Report setupShift reports • Create the report name and click ok and the screen below appears In this screen you have a list of all the reports, to add a report to your shift reports; mark them and press add to they move from left to right

  46. Reports Scheduler Report Scheduler – you can set a time or day when you want certain reports to automatically be print, filed or sent via e-mail

  47. Configuration New user configuration screen A user can be locked out if he enters the wrong password more than 3 times Possibility to define which applications a user can access The password should not be less than 6 figures and it should be a mixture of letters and numbers

  48. Login Screen New Login Screen