investment in dholera n.
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Investment in Dholera PowerPoint Presentation
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Investment in Dholera

Investment in Dholera

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Investment in Dholera

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  1. Investment in Dholera Bhoomi Sagar

  2. About Us • We welcome you to Indian Smart Cities, and SIRs, where we offer you great business opportunity, and serene lifestyle, offering a rare combination of business, living, learning, and amusement facilities . • A smart city uses digital technologies to enhance performance and wellbeing, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Key 'smart' sectors include transport, energy, health care, water and waste. A smart city should be able to respond faster to city and global challenges than one with a simple 'transactional' relationship with its citizen. • A smart cities make more efficient use of physical infrastructure (roads, built environment and other physical assets) to support a strong and healthy economic, social, cultural development, Engage effectively with local people in local governance and decision by use of open innovation processes and e-participation with emphasis placed on citizen participation and co-design, Learn, adapt and innovate and thereby respond more effectively and promptly to changing circumstances.

  3. Vision & Mission • Vision:- “Promote Smart Cities, SEZs, and SIRs among others enabling government in transforming the socio-economic landscape of the nation”. • Mission:- “To provide offerings to various stake holders, including investment opportunities, government compliance, project guidelines, matching industry standards”.

  4. Real Estate Investment • Real Estate Investment that generates income or is otherwise intended for investment purposes rather than as a primary residence. It is common for investors to own multiple pieces of real estate, one of which serves as a primary residence, while the others are used to generate rental income and profits through price appreciation.

  5. Services • Industrial space/Commercial space. • Residential space. • Investment Management. • Consulting. • Industrial Township. • Residential Township. • Logistic Park. • Infrastructure Projects.

  6. Investment in Dholera • The concept of Smart City, and Special Investment Region (SIR) has long been favored by urban planners, architects to surmount the ever growing challenges of industrialization, and urbanization. With Indian economy poised for a high growth, such ventures are in huge demand across the nation particularly in first tier, and second tier metros, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune among others. • The new age urban centre is being looked upon as one of the integral economic vehicles for resurgent India. Dholera SIR, the would be landmark of Indian economy will be a global manufacturing, and trading hub.

  7. Project Vision • To develop Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as global manufacturing and trading hub i.e. "The engine for economic resurgence of the country" which is supported by world class infrastructure. • "The Development Plan, taking into account the DMIC objectives and goals, should focus towards creating and enabling environment to protect local industries, enhance investment climate, improve quality of life, upgrade human skills, create world class infrastructure and attract global investment". • Project goals are to double the employment potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports from the region in next five years.

  8. Location Profile • DHOLERA is situated in Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat . • Identified as a Greenfield port, it will be developed along with private sector participation by Dholera Port Limited (promoted by J K Group and Adani Group).

  9. Location Profile • Dholera is in proximity with the coastal line. It is covered by water faces on three sides, namely, on the east face by Gulf of Khambhat, on the north side by Bavaliari creek and on southern side by Sonaria creek. • To develop Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as global manufacturing and trading hub i.e. "The engine for economic resurgence of the country" which is supported by world class infrastructure. • Proximity to Ahmedabad has provided Dholera a strong locational advantage with a vibrant manufacturing base and investment scenario. • The project is spread over an area of 35,000 hectares. The processing area which is proposed is 14,000 hectares and rest is non- processing zone. • Dholera port is primarily involved into handling general cargo, dry bulk, containers, ship breaking and chemical handling facilities.

  10. Overview / • Total Area : 920 sq. kms: a green field location. • Developable area: 567.39 sq. kms. • Economic activity area : 360 sq. kms. • World-class infrastructure & connectivity: within & outside. • Central spine express way & Metro Rail to link the SIR with mega cities. • Airport & Sea Port in the vicinity. • Proximity to mega cities: Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara. Benefit of sea coast, nature park, golf course. • Premium civic amenities. • Capable to cater to both International & Domestic Market. • Close to Gujarat International Finance TechCity (GIFT). • Close to Petro-chemicals and Petroleum Inv. Region (PCPIR). • Logistic support of the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DMIC). • Benefits of the high impact Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). • Public investment in core infrastructure.

  11. Contact Us Address 101, Mauryansh elanza, Nr. Parekh Hospital, Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmedabad – 380015 Gujarat (INDIA) Link:- (m) :- 8155006439