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Easy to study vastu shastra by bieonline|Vastu sastra for bedroom-bieonline.com

Find remedies for the Vastu doshas for the home, office, plot, hotel etc by bieonline. As correct tip for Vastu bring peace and happiness in the family. www.bieonline.com

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Easy to study vastu shastra by bieonline|Vastu sastra for bedroom-bieonline.com

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  1. Best Vastu Guidelines for your Office by Bieonline - bieonline.com Planning to set an office brings in mind the design and its decoration, but it’s not enough to develop a company. The concept of Vastu Shastra has to be adopted for the success and the development of the company. Bieonline gives the complete and right information about the Vastu for Office. The principle of vastu results many factors that are measured and which includes the exteriors like the slope and the shapes. This directs about the different sections of the work place, its exteriors, where to position the electronic gadgets etc. Designing the Office as per Vastu Office is the place to earn money and goodwill. For this one should be sure that the interior and exterior of the work place is perfect and it is exactly how it should be. Unless the environment is good with positive vibration, the people working in the office will not be able to give the best. So, here are some very important Vastu tips for your office: •Floors slope should be towards the North, East and North-East. East and North side should have more open space •While building the heights it should be equal from all the sides or the South and the West should not be higher than the East and North direction •The department of account should be in the South- East direction •In the North East direction a temple should place (small or big), but it should be maintained neat and clean •The reception counter should be in the North East direction

  2. •In the North East direction, the conference room should be situated for the flow of concepts •Toilets should be in the North-West direction and for the septic tank North and North –West and also between the East and South-East •Water sources should be located in the North-East or East zone and possibly within the Mid-East and the North-East •In the South-West direction the stairs case should be located •The tank should be in the South-West, South or West and the height of it should be more than the height of the building •In the South-East direction the canteen should be located •The parking lawn should be in the North-West, North or East. But the North-East should always free from the parking zone There are many tips to focus to develop your office. For more information, sign up to our website. And you have something to add us, kindly share it on comment. http://bieonline.com/

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