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Importance of Play Schools-Big Bird Playhouse PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of Play Schools-Big Bird Playhouse

Importance of Play Schools-Big Bird Playhouse

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Importance of Play Schools-Big Bird Playhouse

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  1. How play schools helps with the overall development of the children?

  2. What is the importance of play schools? Play schools are very essential for the overall development helping children to grow in a good learning environment. Moreover, sending your child to a play school can help in developing physical, social, and emotional skills.

  3. What are the different activities included in the play school curriculum? At play school, children get a chance to involve in different activities like playing games, solving puzzles, art and craft, reading, speaking and other different outdoor activities that are essential for the future grooming of the children.

  4. How to choose the best play school for your child? Choosing a best play school for your child is not an easy task, however proper research and knowledge can surely help you in finding the best school. The curriculum offered, the infrastructure, extra- curriculum activities, and the staff determines the quality of a school.

  5. What aspects of early education are taught at play schools? Children learn about the basic math concepts such as counting and eventually addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Moreover, we encourage our children to participate in different activities

  6. Big Bird Playhouse is a well- known play school in Staten Island that has experienced and trained staff. Moreover, the school has an ideal student teacher ratio and they provide free breakfast, lunch, and snacks to the students.

  7. For more information Contact Us 1859 Richmond Ave Staten Island NY 10314 (718) 982-0550

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