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Tips to Choose Hair Style

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Tips to Choose Hair Style

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  1. People have infinite number of choices when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. It’s really a very tough to select a perfect hairstyle being a woman of today. You may have one particular style in your mind that gets you excited. Take the example of top-rated movie stars like Penelope Cruz or like Jenifer Hudson. You must be thinking that they have personal hairstylists, working day and night to have them the perfect hairstyle and easy for you copy their hairstyles. You may be spending long hours at your favorite salons and ended up not having the perfect lob on Olivia Wilde’s square face. Here comes the importance to have the right hairstyle for the right face shape. So let’s find more about shapes of faces.

  2. What is your face shape? Face shapes vary person to person. They depend upon the bone structure and their configuration. Identifying your face shape is the first step in choosing the suitable hairstyle to your face. Oval-Shaped: The face width is 1/3 of the face length. It appears smooth and having no harsh corners along the jaw line with a narrow center. That’s why it is called oval shape. Rounded:The jaw line of the face is soft and the face width and length are almost equal. This resembles rounded face shape with fuller cheeks. Heart:This type of face created when your face tapers are at the cheek but your forehead and cheekbones are wide. Square: This face shape will have beautiful corners with a square-shaped forehead and a sharper jawline. The face width and length are almost same size. Long: The face is narrow and generally longer, featuring prominent cheek bones.

  3. Oval-shaped faces have always advantage of having a perfect hairstyle. You can tie up your hair with ideal proportions and let your face shine brightly. This is something one of the easiest hairstyles that’s most suitable for most stylish ladies and girls. You may enhance the tail by making it longer and striking. This hairstyle can be followed by young girls with short and long hair. Rounded- shaped faces will have the luxury to have the medium size cut that rests on your shoulders. This is something perfectly suited for these faces which brings you a stylish and edgy look and it’s classy You can add few inches to the cut to increase the volume of the hair. Get it flat ironed and highlighted to give it more strike to bring more class to the woman.

  4. Heart-shaped faces are suited to pixie coy haircut. These short-range hairstyles have been popularly followed by celebrities like Haile Berry, Rihanna and Katy Perry. This fabulous hairstyle is easy to maintain and at the same time gives you an attractive look. To make it trendier you can add various dyes to the hair and make yourself look- like blonde. Copper or luminous colors bring out best fun in you. If you’ve square shaped face, then you should have graduated layers which are long that sit well on the shoulders. This hairstyle is best suited for confident women and girls. This is something every day perfect look and you can trim it up with curves and waves that have an overlapping effect.

  5. Add a nice gradient to your hair that suits your face. Blond attracts everyone’s attention but it’s up to you to choose what suits best to your face. Having a long but narrow-face, long-flowing sweeping curls are the ideal hairstyle for your hair. The curls bring a sense of attitude and elegance. Let your hair reach to your upper waist. This hairstyle is best suited for weddings and formal functions. You could add the highlights like blonde, brunette or other bold-colored highlights for having more attractive personality. Hair styles can be fun when it suits your face. That’s vital in creating a nice overall look. The outfits that you wear get mixed with your hair style. Try to find different hair styles and highlights that fit your needs and personality. For more tips and tricks visit BiggieTips.com

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