mactan island multi purpose cooperative n.
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  1. MACTAN ISLAND MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE Pre-Membership Education Seminar Schedule: Every 2nd Saturday of the Month ( 2-5 P.M.

  2. Why Coop? In statistical information on cooperative movement brings together 800 million people around the world. * U N estimated in 1994 that livelihood of nearby 300 billion or half of world ‘s population was made secure by cooperative enterprise. * Coop enterprises continue to play significant economic and social roles in communities

  3. Cooperative Philosophy (WHY ) Fundamental Beliefs -That persons occupy place in society, clothed as they are with human dignity and freedom, - That people have God –given capacity to develop themselves and society, entitled as they are to a dignified and decent life, - That we can actualize our potentials in a society where there is equality, justice, democracy, freedom and peace,

  4. The Christian Concept of Property • Everybody has the right to have access to the means of productions. When the existing system denies a person that right while allowing a few others to enjoy a life of abundance, luxury and abuse, then the system is unjust, for the world was given to all not just to a few. Ownership of property is not absolute, but has an attached

  5. Cont. of Christian Concept condition in the good of all. • When nature destroyed ( thru illegal / indiscriminate destruction of earth’s resources ) for the sake of profits, others are denied the use of this resources.

  6. What is Coop ? .General Concepts – A cooperative is an autonomous and duly registered association of persons, with common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve their social, economic, and cultural needs and aspirations by making equitable contributions to the capital required, patronizing their products and services and accepting a fair share of risks and benefits of the undertakings in accordance with universally accepted cooperative principles ( R.A. 9520 )

  7. Cooperative Principles : 1. Voluntary and Open Membership 2. Democratic Member Control 3. Member Economic Participation 4. Autonomy and Independence 5. Education, Training and Information 6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives 7. Concern for Community * Coop principles are system of ideas that determine the essential characteristics of cooperatives, and so distinguish them from other forms of organizations or enterprise. They are universal- not affected by time and space.

  8. - That community should continuously work for these ideals, especially if actual conditions negate them, in solidarity with other communities. • CDA ( Cooperative Development Authority ) • CDA was created by R.A. 6939, • To promote the viability of equity, social justice and economic development and to create an agency in fulfillment of the mandate in Sec.8 Art. XII of Phil. Constitution

  9. R.A.9520 Chapter III -Purposes • 1.To encourage thrift and savings mobilization among members; • 2.To generate funds and extend credit to the members for productive and provident purposes; • 3.To encourage among members systematic production and marketing; • 4.To provide goods and services and other requirements to the members; • 5.To develop expertise and skills among it’s members

  10. Cont. Purposes ( RA 9520) • 6. To acquire lands and provide housing benefits for the members; • 7. To insure against losses of the members; • 8.To promote and advance the economic, social, and educational status of the members; • 9. To establish, own, lease or operate cooperative banks, cooperative wholesale and retail complexes, insurance and

  11. Cont. Purposes ( RA 9520 ) • Agricultural / industrial processing enterprises, and public markets; • 10. To coordinate and facilitate the activities of cooperatives; • 11.To advocate for the cause of the cooperative movement; • 12.To ensure the viability of cooperatives through the utilization of new technologies; • 13.To encourage and promote self-help or self-employment as an

  12. Cont. Purposes ( RA 9520 ) • Engine for economic growth and poverty alleviation; and • 14. To undertake any and all other activities for the effective and efficient implementation of the provisions of this Code.

  13. Cooperative Nature and Purpose Democratic Control One man, one vote. Regardless of the share capital, member have the same voice deciding for the coop. Profit Sharing • Surplus or profit are returned to the members in the form of dividends and patronage refunds. Common Bond • Promotes the spirit of cooperativism, “People helping people” and entrepreneurship.

  14. G E N E R A L A S S E M B L Y A COM ELECOM BOD Committees Mandated Sec. & Treas. Management " Organizational Structure"

  15. Powers of the General Assembly • 1. To determine and approve amendments to the articles of cooperation and by-laws; • 2. To elect and appoint the members of the board of directors, and to remove them for cause; • 3. To approve developmental plans of the cooperative.

  16. As a Member-OWNER… RIGHTS • To receive dividends • To vote for officers • To be voted upon • To amend by-laws • To receive financial reports • To set direction of the coop

  17. As a Member-OWNER… DUTIES • To contribute share capital • To vote for the right officers • To serve when voted • To participate in decision making process (G.A., O.M., etc..) • To promote the coop’s products and services

  18. As a Member-CUSTOMER… OBLIGATION • To suggest improvement for products and services • To settle obligations on time • To patronize the coop business COOP

  19. As a Member-CUSTOMER… OBLIGATION • To suggest improvement for products and services • To settle obligations on time • To patronize the coop business COOP

  20. Why SAVINGS in Coop? • Guaranteed return of 6% p.a. for regular, kiddies and teens ( highest)savings and 12% p.a. for time deposit. (highest int. rate) • Safe and secure • Easy access to your money • Withdrawable anytime • “ Preserve your Savings Deposit and can be used as Collateral for Loan “

  21. How to become a member • To participate in a Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES) in the Coop • To meet the initial share capital requirement of P 1,000.00 • Fill up application form and pay P 150.00 for membership fee. • Pay Annual Dues of P 100.00 yearly • Submit additional documents needed (barangay clearance, cedula, latest bill, Pay slip and ID cards )