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[Solved] Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing

Many people suffer from the crashing from Facebook Messenger. Luckily, several amazing methods will be offered in this article to help you to solve it.

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[Solved] Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing

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  1. [Solved] Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing "I have no clue and it's such a pain. I rely on Messenger and it always worked fine for me apart from this update. Crashes and even after exiting the app, it will say that messenger stopped working and ask me to send a report or press OK every minute. Super annoying, removed it, reinstalled, restarted phone etc. to no avail. " - User from Quora "FB Messenger app keeps crashing in iOS, any idea how to resolve?""Facebook Messenger keeps crashing!" - Users from Help Community Have you ever met the frustrating situation that Facebook Messenger is crashing down before? A lot of similar questions, saying facebook app keeps crashing in 2017, can be found on social media or the Help Community of Facebook. Even though Facebook never ever has given an official explanation of this problem, a majority of users consider the incompatibility between Facebook Messenger and iOS or Android update is the main culprit for the crashing FB Messenger. However, in addition of Facebook Messenger crashing on iOS and Android devices, Facebook Messenger Web crashes as well. Therefore, this article will show you how to fix FaceBook Messenger that keeps crashing on Android, iPhone, and website. Part 1. Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on Android/iPhone In most cases, it is that the app FaceBook Messenger that keeps crashing on iPhone and Android devices(e.g. Samsung, HTC, LG). In this part, we will show 6 amazing methods to help you to solve it. Method 1. Reopen Facebook Messenger Firstly, close out of Messenger and turn the phone off. Next, restart your phone and launch Messenger again. Method 2. Release Internal Memory Sometimes Facebook Messenger keeps closing is the reseult of the shortage of Storage in your cell phone. First of all, go to Settings, and then,Storage, to check the free spece of the Storage. If it is insuffient, you'd better delete some spare apllications, duplicate images or insignificant photos/videos to release the internal memory. For iPhone:(take iOS 11 as an example) Tap on Settings>General>iPhone Storage;  Check the available storage of your iPhone.  FonePaw Technology Limited 1

  2. For Android: Go to Settings>SD card & phone storage;  Total space and available space will be shown at the top of the menu, while Internal phone storage is at the  bottom of the menu. Method 3. Reinstall Facebook Messenger Step 1. Log out Facebook Messenger. Step 2. Remove the application from your phone. For iPhone: Long press the icon of Messenger and delete it;  For Android(take Samsung as an example): Click on "Menu" button on the home page;  Touch "Setting" and go to "Application", and then "Manage applications";  Choose Facebook Messenger and hit on "Uninstall" button.  Step 3.Restart your phone. Step 4. Reinstall Messenger at App store on iPhone and Play Store on Android devices. Step 5. Log in Messenger. Method 4. Wipe Cache (Only for Android) With Recovery Mode FonePaw Technology Limited 2

  3. Step 1. Power off your Android phone. Step 2. Press the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons to activate the Recovery Mode. Step 3. Use Volume Up/Down button to select "wipe cache partition". Step 4. Press the Power button to enable it, and then, reboot your phone. With Settings Step 1.Tap on "Settings" icon and go to "Storage". Step 2. Tap on "Cache data" and confirm it with "OK". Method 5. Check the version of your phone For iPhone: Click on Settings>General>Software Update. For Android: Click on Settings>About Device/Device>Systems>Check for Updates.  If there is an update for you, install it to your phone.  Method 6. Reset your phone For iPhone: FonePaw Technology Limited 3

  4. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings>Enter your ID passcode>Erase iPhone. For Android: Go to Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset/Reset Settings>All/Restore Factory Settings> Yes. Tips You'd better back up your phone data before resetting so that you will not lose any important information saved on your phone. iOS Data Backup & Restore and Android Data Backup & Restore from FonePaw might be helpful for you. And you are able to check more information from FonePaw website. Part 2. Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on Web Also, some people also complain that Facebook Messenger is cashing not only on iPhone/Android but also on computers. Don't worry! We will offer you 5 professional methods to deal with Facebook Messenger crashing problem on the web. Method 1. Log in other devices with your account For example, you can use Mac computer to check out Facebook Messenger instead of using your usual Windows computer. Method 2. Restart your browser If restarting browser doesn't work, you can try to log in Messenger with a different browser. Method 3. Clean up browser cache regularly To purge browser cache, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete(on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP) or Command+Shift+Delete(on MacOS X/Sierra/High Sierra) while the browser is running. Method 4. Entry Facebook Messenger with Incognito mode FonePaw Technology Limited 4

  5. Step 1. Entry Facebook.com and open Messenger page. Step 2. Click on the gear icon at the bottom of right corner of the page to activate a pop-up menu. Step 3. Choose "Turn off Chat" in the pop-up menu. Step 4. Select "Turn off chat for all contacts" and click "Okay". In closing, it's not difficult to solve this problem that Facebook Messenger keeps crashing. FonePaw Technology Limited 5

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