benefits of mobile apps in travel industry n.
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Benefits of Mobile Apps in Travel Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Mobile Apps in Travel Industry

Benefits of Mobile Apps in Travel Industry

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Benefits of Mobile Apps in Travel Industry

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  1. Benefits of Mobile Apps in Travel Industry Nowadays mobile applications have changed the experience of traveling. The world is at the fingertips. Travelers want to book flight or transport tickets, book lodging rooms and even check reviews of different places and so on using smartphones; and these are not little changes. Page 1 of 4

  2. The mobile apps provide following benefits in travel industries: •Offer One Stop Solution to every one of your bookings: One of the primary reasons why travelers lean toward mobile applications is on the grounds that they can book everything under one rooftop. It incorporates choosing destinations, booking tickets, check reviews of the place before visiting. They don't have to open numerous applications for performing different tasks. •Customization: Travel Mobile Apps empowers travelers to choose customized tours in view of their requirements. Regardless of whether they are going on a business excursion or family outing, residential or global visits, travel specialists have turned out to be more conscious in focusing on paying attention to requirements of travelers •A simple method to get feedback from customers: Mobile applications empower us to get immediate input from visitors, we can screen their reviews and if required answer their inquiries. In this way enhancing general exposure for your brand. •Reduces the paperwork: One of the focal points travel mobile apps have offered to travel industry is that it has saved the procedure of paperwork. Presently we don't have to travel tickets or other documents, we can provide soft copies of flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel reservations and other documents. •Make online exchanges whenever: Mobile apps have encouraged with the choice of making all the payment through the internet for different reservations like train, bus, hotel and so forth in this way guaranteeing Page 2 of 4

  3. voyagers don't need to convey money with them. They can complete online exchanges 24x7. Some facts about traveling apps: •As indicated by the most recent study, 40% use mobile apps to locate the best hotels and flight deals. •70% of voyagers use travel applications to plan their travel when on relaxation tours. •Travel apps are ranked as the 5th most category of apps downloaded. How travel apps benefit travelers: •Monitor your travel status previously or amid your outing. •Rate your travel experience and share with other individuals in the app •Get extra discounts and different offers while booking by means of apps. •Cancel/Wipe out or reschedule your travel plans if required. How travel apps benefit travel agents: •Advise travelers with basic data like travel changes progressively. •Enables them to give 24x7 customer support service to their customers. •Give customized visits according to the requirement of travelers. •Give social media sharing to increase brand value. Page 3 of 4

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