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Jeffry Steemans WABCO Holdings

Jeffry Steemans WABCO Holdings . October 12 th 2011. INTRODUCING TAILGUARD TM SMMT Nominee for Award for Automotive Innovation 2011 . JEFFRY STEEMANS MARKETING LEADER WABCO TRAILER SYSTEMS. TYPICAL FLEET NEEDS “ How can you help me run my business better?”. EFFICIENCY

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Jeffry Steemans WABCO Holdings

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  1. Jeffry Steemans WABCO Holdings


  3. TYPICALFLEET NEEDS“How can you help me run my business better?” EFFICIENCY Predictable arrival & departure times Reduce unexpected downtime Increase vehicle utilization Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Prevent theft DRIVER Improve driver behavior Remotely control drivers Retain good drivers Driver comfort ENVIRONMENT Ecology branding CO² reduction Avoid road damage& traffic jams SAFETY Prevent accidents Reduce accidentimpact Comply with legislation Helping fleet operators address today‘s industry issues

  4. 8–32 V ABS RSS INTELLIGENTTRAILER PROGRAM DRIVER COMFORT VEHICLE EFFICIENCY TrailerGUARD™ Telematics Operating Data Recorder Lift Axle Control Trailer Remote Control* Load Level Memory * Return To Ride Immobilizer* Finisher Brake* Notebook Function Traction Help OptiLoad™ * OptiTurn™ * Trailer Extension Control* Multi Voltage ENVIRONMENT ADVANCED SAFETY ECAS* Tilt Alert Air bellow protector* Router & Repeater Axle (over)Load Indicator TailGUARD™ * Tire Pressure Monitoring Forklift Control* Bounce Control* * unique to WABCO Emergency Brake Alert*

  5. WABCO TailGUARD helps to reduce 35% of trailer accidents

  6. CONFIGURATIONS Modularity and flexibility

  7. THE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE ELEX COMMUNICATION • EBS via CAN • Ultrasonic sensors via LIN Data Bus • Trailer Remote Control via Power Line Communication (ISO 7638)  No extra wiring required Trailer Remote Control TEBS ISO 12098 CAN ELEX CAN LIN PLC ISO 7638 CAN/PLC GIO Ultrasonic sensors Side marker lights Uses existing wiring of truck & trailer

  8. A GLOBAL MARKET +2000 Trailer Builders, ~700K trailers per year Fleet Buyers, ~2.5M trailer in EU, ~200K in UK Industry Associations Government Regulatory Bodies Insurance companies TailGuard can be mounted on new trailers & existing trailers

  9. WHY TAILGUARD IS INNOVATIVE TailGUARD is the first solution that detects small and moving objects behind the trailer, and automatically brakes. The Trailer Remote Control clearly shows the truck driver how far his trailer is from objects in the blind spot behind. This helps them to reverse safely even when they cannot see while cornering, or in the dark or in the rain. My fleet customers have to load and unload their trailer at different ramp types and with different vehicle types. The stopping distance of TailGUARD can be programmed to fit any type of ramp and trailer: it will always stop at the right distance. So my driver saves valuable time for loading and unloading Some drivers are new in the job and do not realize that they represent my company, with my brand on the trailer: TailGUARD will limit their speed to 9km/h, so everybody around the trailer feels safer. A unique solution - protecting road users, drivers and assets


  11. TRAILER REMOTE CONTROL • AREA 1: 3 warning indications and trailer icon • Lining wear indicator • Immobilizer: on / off • Tire Pressure alert • AREA 2: LED’s in green, yellow and red • While reversing, the green, yellow and red LEDs indicate the distance between the trailer and objects • The 3 vertical bars of LED’s indicate the location of the obstacle in the rear blind spot of the trailer (left, middle or right) as well as the distance, in accordance to ISO12155 • AREA 3: 6 programmable function buttons • Traction Help Maneuvering Help • OptiLoadOptiTurn • RAS/RMS off Finisher brake • Finisher Brake adjust Forced lowering • Memory level Second driving level • Lifting + Lowering Monitor inclination angle • De- Activation of Immobilizer Truck driver can stay in the cab while operating the trailer

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