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15 Golden tips for Online Dating PowerPoint Presentation
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15 Golden tips for Online Dating

15 Golden tips for Online Dating

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15 Golden tips for Online Dating

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  1. 15 Golden Rules For a well endowed Dating Life The Use of the Internet to Meet Partners

  2. Dating is beautiful. As time went and new surveys say that dating rules and habits have changed.So here are some golden rules of dating.

  3. Rule 1: Don’t build castles in the air. Just because he/she agrees to go out on a date does not mean he/she is in love with you.

  4. Rule 2: Do not talk on the mobile phone, unless it’s too urgent. Talking on the phone, while on the date is total disrespect.

  5. Rule 3: The most important one is BE HONEST about your feelings for the other person.

  6. Rule 4: If you’re sexually attracted to them, please do not assume the other person feels the same, so do not pounce on him/her.

  7. Rule 5: Never date if you’re still not over someone.

  8. Rule 6: Have enough cash to cover for both you and the other person. If this is a deal breaker, then you can end it later; don’t cause an awkward scene at the date.

  9. Rule 7: As a man, the general rule of thumb is: listen a lot, acknowledge, and laugh. Women don’t like being corrected very much. Don’t be a dumbass, but don’t be wanting to correct every wrong thing that is said.

  10. Rule 8: Be on time. Girls, it might make you feel awesome to dress up, come freaking 30 minutes late, and expect the guy to be swept off his feet by your mesmerising beauty, but it’s not the right thing to do. Get real, and get efficient.

  11. Rule 9: Keep it light and fun and don’t make it into an interview.

  12. Rule 10: Dress comfortably. I have no problem if you are as comfy as a cantaloupe in your tight dress and dizzying high heels, but if you are going to spend the whole date adjusting your dress, I suggest you rethink. Same about makeup- comfort is more important.

  13. Rule 11: Please do not pay fake compliments, it doesn’t take much to differentiate between fake/real compliments.

  14. Rule 1: Rule 12: Be honest about your intentions, particularly to yourself. Remember that it’s easiest to lie to oneself.

  15. Rule 13: Don’t be 100% honest. Don’t lie, but don’t say everything about you at first. It’s just not a good idea.

  16. Rule 14: Talk about general things. Don’t get too personal. Do not discuss previous love lives.

  17. Rule 15: Talk about what you are passionate about, what you like to do, what makes you happy.

  18. Play It Safe • Plan first dates in public areas • Make sure your friends know where you are on dates • Ask a lot of detailed questions • NEVER send money to someone online • Keep your information to a minimum

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