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Tips to choose the right saw

Saws are amongst the most primitive tools known to mankind. The raw materials which is used for making metal cutting tools is very important as the durability and performance of your tool will depend on it. Bipico uses the best raw materials and latest technology for production, thus giving you the best performing tools. You will get premium quality output at the most affordable price. The most effective metal cutting tool will streamline your production process to give you more success in your business.

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Tips to choose the right saw

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  1. Metal Cutting Tool ●With the advancements in the production methods of the saws, you can get various kinds of them fitting different uses. ●Since the sawteeth is so important for the saws, a closer analysis is required for selecting the right saw with the right set of sawteeth. ●The blade on your saw will decide the effectiveness and durability of your saw. ●Though not all blades will be having the same specifications and functions, there are factors which help in deciding the type. ●A proper study and analysis will help you in choosing the perfect saw blade for your need. www.bipico.com

  2. Metal Cutting Tool Circular Saw Blades ●As the speed and the fixture of this saw is different from that of hacksaws, this kind of saws are very popular among customers. ●According to the thumb rule, the more teeth saw has, the finer cut it will bring. ●Since circular saws are available in various diameter, this thumb rule has its limitation because teeth-per-inch is not applicable in every case. ●If you want to compare, you should compare the number of teeth on two different saws of same diameter. www.bipico.com

  3. Metal Cutting Tool Rip and Crosscut Blades ●These blades are designed to cut both across the grain and with the grain. ●This peculiarity sets these saws apart from the others. ●Both these kinds of blades are grounded differently while cutting. ●The angle at which these blades cut is also different as rip teeth cut parallel with the grain while crosscut teeth cut at an angle. ●The size is also different since rip teeth is larger while crosscut teeth is finer. www.bipico.com

  4. Metal Cutting Tool Plywood and Veneer Blades ●Though they are a part of crosscut blades, they differ from them in many given ways. ●On account of their fine-toothed crosscut blades, they are useful in cutting all sorts of wood especially plywood. ●The number of teeth which is present in the saw is in large number as they have to go through the coarse grains of wood. ●There will be around 200 teeth present in a seven-and-a-quarter-inch blade. www.bipico.com

  5. Metal Cutting Tool Carbide Blades ●These blades have got their name on account of the material which is used in the manufacturing of these saws. ●Carbide is used in these blades at the hardened tips which is attached to their teeth. ●Even though they are expensive than the steel blades, they are bought due to their longevity. ●Since these blades work for a longer period of time, they appear to be economically more viable for the customers. www.bipico.com

  6. Who we are ●BIPICO, an ISO 9001:2008 company is established in November – 1974 and is proud of its more than four decades journey as a Hacksaw Blade manufacturing company. ●BIPICO has grown into a major cutting tools manufacturer and exporter with a strong brand image in India and in International markets. ●At BIPICO we believe that to eventually emerge as a World leader in providing total CUTTING SOLUTIONS, we need a customer focused approach. www.bipico.com

  7. Contact Us 506-A, Fax: + 91- 22- 22001631 Lotus House, 5th Floor, Email: mumbai@bipicoexp.com 33, Sir V. Thackersey Road, Contact Person: Mr. Chandresh H. Vyas – Senior Vice President Mumbai – 400 020 (INDIA)

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