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Six Stages of Social Business

Six Stages of Social Business. How to Integrate Social Across the Enterprise…and Why it Matters. John Nolt Senior Director, Product Management Oracle Social Cloud @a1phab3t. Technology Changing Everything. Mobile, Digital, Social via the Cloud. Social is Influencing Purchasing Decisions.

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Six Stages of Social Business

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  1. Six Stages of Social Business How to Integrate Social Across the Enterprise…and Why it Matters. John Nolt Senior Director, Product Management Oracle Social Cloud @a1phab3t

  2. Technology Changing Everything Mobile, Digital, Social via the Cloud

  3. Social is Influencing Purchasing Decisions • Four in ten social users have purchased an item online or in-store after sharing or favoriting it. 40% 90% • 90% of all purchases are subject to social influence.

  4. Social Giving Customers a Voice & Platform Promoted Tweet to 300k after a negative luggage experience. How does a billion dollar corporation only have 9-5 social media support for a business that operates 24/7?

  5. Consumerization has Affected Your Business • “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. • If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000.” • Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO Customer’s Power & Choice The Power of Your Voice Mass media Internet/1:1 Social/Mobile Source: 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report (CEI), based on a survey commissioned by RightNow and conducted by Harris Interactive.

  6. Devices, Connections, Content & Empowered Consumers • 60 hours: Average time Americans spend a week consuming content. • 4: Average # of devices Americans own • 2 hours:Average time American spends on social media each day. • 86% of customers will start doing business with a competitor after a bad customer experience.

  7. Promoting Change Across People & Cultures #PowerShift

  8. Take Social Beyond Marketing 13 Departments Involved in Social Media Across Organizations 178 Average # of Social Accounts Across Organizations 8 in 10 Marketing and IT Leaders Report Company’s Investment in Social will Increase

  9. 97% Global Study Reveals 97% ofExecutives Place a High Importance on Becoming a Socially Enabled Enterprise. • Global Study of Marketing & Technology Executives Oracle, Social Media Today & Leader Networks

  10. The deep integration of social media and social methodologies into the organization to drive business impact. Socially Enabled Business Defined • Altimeter Group

  11. Social Business Maturity Drive ROI through Social Media and Business Objective Alignment • Planning • Listen & Learn • Presence • Stake Our Claim • Engagement • Dialog Deepens Relationships • Formalized • Organize for Scale • Strategic • Become a Social Business • Converged • Business is Social

  12. 1. Planning - Listen and Learn • Every good conversation starts with good listening.

  13. 2. Presence - Stake Your Claim

  14. 3. Engagement - Dialogue Deepens Relationships The Social Media Brand Engagement Curve Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

  15. 4. Formalized - Organize For Scale Hub and Spoke Decentralized Centralized Holistic Multiple Hub and Spoke Source: Altimeter Group, Q4 2012 Social Business Survey - Social Business Organizational Models.

  16. 5. Strategic – Become a Social Business • Marketing and Communications • Sales • Customer Care • HR & Talent Management • Internal Collaboration Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

  17. 6. Business Is Social • “Business has only two basic functions – marketing and innovation.” • Peter Drucker Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

  18. Transformational Change is Never Easy or Automatic… Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

  19. Transformational Change is Never Easy or Automatic… Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

  20. …But You Can Blaze a Path • Establish Goals and Metrics • Communicate Vision • Structure the Organization • Empower & Train Employees • Put Right Technology In Place • Showcase Results Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

  21. Oracle Social Cloud: SRM Industry’s Only Unified, Integrated and Global Social Solution • Social Engagement & Monitoring • Social Marketing • Social Network • Social Data

  22. Oracle Social Cloud: Key Differentiators Unified Platform Industry’s Only Unified Social Solution Deeper Listening Eliminates Dirty Data for Precise Insights Global Social Global UI, Advanced Listening, Data Sources Social Everywhere Integration with Oracle CX Applications

  23. Oracle CX Complete Customer Experience Platform Globalizations and Statutory Localizations Oracle MarketingCloud Oracle SalesCloud Oracle CPQCloud Oracle Commerce Oracle ServiceCloud Oracle SocialCloud Integrated Customer Experience Foundation Globalizations and Statutory Localizations Integrated Customer Experience Foundation Social Network Mobile Analytic KPIs & Dashboards Predictive Analytics Integrations

  24. Example Customer Journey 9 4 • Social Advocacy • Relevant • Recommendations 3 8 Own Support and Serve Buy Market and Sell • Personalised Clientelling • Assisted Service 5 • Buy 7 2 1 6 • Efficient Self Service • Timely First Engagement • Customer Need • & Product Research • Product Issue

  25. Social. Exceed Your Customers Expectations.

  26. So What Now? • Is social still in a silo? • Is social fully integrated with your digital marketing efforts? • Does your organization desire to be a social business? • Start collaborating with key executives now. #Innovate

  27. The Future Looks Like This By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials—that will be your employees, partners and customers.

  28. It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination Bring People, Processes and Technology Together Download the eBook and find other resources at oracle-downloads.com/OracleSocial Broadcasting Listening & Engaging Relationships

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