all you need to know about hydraulic bottle jacks n.
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Hydraulic Bottle Jack Supplier in UK PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydraulic Bottle Jack Supplier in UK

Hydraulic Bottle Jack Supplier in UK

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Hydraulic Bottle Jack Supplier in UK

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  1. All You Need To Know About Hydraulic Bottle Jacks Hydraulic bottle jacks, also called as hand jacks, provide an easy way to lift up a vehicle for service. Available in different sizes and weights, they have lifting capacity of several tons. A hydraulic bottle jack is robust and safe to use device with a sturdy steel construction and a safety overload valve. An easy height-adjustment screw and a large sturdy base add more points to its reliability. A vertical shaft featured in bottle jack supports a platform known as a bearing pad that directly holds the weight of the object to be lifted. The bottle jacks are made of two major elements, steel and heat-treated steel. Steel is an alloy which is produced by mixing carbon with iron to give steel its strength. Whereas, heat treatment is applied to alter the physical properties of the material. It simply involves heating or chilling to extreme temperature that results in softening or hardening of material. When the jacks are heat treated, they harden the steel and give strength to bottle jacks so that they can withstand heavy loads for continuous use. Working Principle of a Hydraulic Jack The physics applied behind a hydraulic bottle jack follows Pascal’s principle. It simply signifies that the liquid inside a container is incompressible that results in similar pressure within a container at each point. The basic working of hydraulic jacks depends on the force generated by pressure. While lifting heavy loads, the jacks use pump plungers to move oil via two cylinders. The plunger is drawn back initially and opens the suction valve ball that draws the oil

  2. into the pump chamber. When the plunger is pushed forward, the oil is moved into the cylinder chamber through the external discharge check valve. This results in closing of suction valve and pressure building within the cylinder. Below steps can summarize how a hydraulic bottle jack works- 1.Upstroke of jack handle allows drawing of oil into pump cylinder. 2.Downstroke of handle push pressurized oil to reach to the main cylinder that causes raising of main piston. 3.Continuous pumping of jack enables opening and closing of check valves with each motion. 4.As the jack is pumped, it allows main piston to remain raised. Different Application Areas Where Hydraulic Bottle Jacks Can be Used Automobile industry makes use of jacks for lifting cars. In medical field, they can be used in patient lifts and hydraulic stretchers. Heavy load lifting makes them a good choice in different construction operations and repairing of huge agricultural machinery. They allow easy jack transport through being secured into a frame or mounted on a beam. Different industrial applications use bottle jacks in multiple ways, like for material lifting in warehouses, as pipe blenders in plumbing and even as cable slicers for electrical applications. The cylinders used in hydraulic bottle jacks can also be seen in several mechanical devices of the industry, like hydraulic equipment that lifts, pushes or drills. The difference lies in the area they are used and the amount of force that they give out.