powerful bismillah ka wazifa for hajat n.
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Powerful Bismillah ka Wazifa for Hajat PowerPoint Presentation
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Powerful Bismillah ka Wazifa for Hajat

Powerful Bismillah ka Wazifa for Hajat

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Powerful Bismillah ka Wazifa for Hajat

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  1. Powerful Bismillah ka Wazifa for Hajat Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  2. In your routine daily life, you come across many people who work very hard day and night, but are not so successful. It is indeed a fact of life that merely putting in hours of har work in whatever you do does not bring success. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  3. If you faced such a situation and feel absolutely helpless, a wazifa for hajat could be the answer to bring that good turn in your life. The procedure involves chanting a powerful wazifa in a certain recommended fashion. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  4. As mentioned, the most important reason a person, man or woman seeks to perform a wazifa for hajat is a sense of desperation. Afterall, as a devout Muslim, you will be offering your daily prayers at home or at the Masjid. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  5. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  6. Then you will be following the other tenets of Islam as taught to you from young age by your elders. You may have progressed in life as well, to a certain extent. But the one breakthrough you desperately need is eluding you. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  7. You find many of your friends and even other members of your family of similar age going ahead but you are struck at some point. This is a precise situation to seek the kindness of God Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  8. The Holy Quran is full of verses with the power to grant your wishes if recited as part of a wazifa. But many times, you will require the advice and guidance of a Molvi or an Aleem to choose the right wazifa for hajat in your case. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  9. These experts would have spent years studying the scriptures and other holy books and will know which Quranic verse will be the most powerful and the most effective as well to solve your problem. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  10. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  11. Beyond the selection of the verse, the precise step-by-step method of reciting the verse is very critical. This, again, is best known to these experts. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  12. Obviously, the original verse will be in Arabic and you may find it in Urdu script as well. One of the verses, when translated, will read like this in English: Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  13. Oh ALLAH! just show me Thy servant, appoint for me the servant nearest to YOU to show me the way of the arrival of light” Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  14. Now since this is a piece written in English, the English version is given. While performing the actual wazifa for hajat, the reciting has to be done only in the original Arabic language. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  15. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  16. There are other similar wazifa which may be equally powerful. If you are presented with some alternatives, you can take your time and choose the one you would want to do the wazifa with. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  17. The experts will tell you that there is a significance in each wazifa performed and there are prescribed ambiences also spelt out clearly to perform the wazifa. In wazifa for hajat it is recommended that it must be performed just after midnight. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  18. If you can keep awake till then, it is fine. Otherwise, you may choose to go to sleep early, keep an alarm and get up after 12 midnight. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  19. While performing these wazifa, the atmosphere around the place you are saying the prayer must be a pleasant one. It is therefore, recommended that you use some kind of an incense to liven up the atmosphere. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  20. After you are settled, first, say a DuroodShareef 3 times. After that, the above verse in Arabic must be recited 1000 times. This should be done in one sitting, without any interruption. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  21. Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584

  22. Powerful Bismillah ka Wazifa for Hajat Islamic Solution by Molana Abdul Mobile : +91-9950815584 (WhatsApp/Viber Available) Email : Call/WhatsApp : +91-9950815584