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What to ask your packers and movers before hiring them? PowerPoint Presentation
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What to ask your packers and movers before hiring them?

What to ask your packers and movers before hiring them?

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What to ask your packers and movers before hiring them?

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  1. BixMove Packers and Movers Call us at: 7411247247 Mails us: Visit us:

  2. Packers and movers companies have become a necessity in every city and every country these days as they make your job easy while you are moving from one place to another due to personal or professional reason. The reason could be anything but shifting your valuable things is very sensitive. Why do you hire a shifting company? The answer to this question is obvious. You need to see for ensuring the safety of your materials. Change is a mental trauma initially. It takes little time to adjust to a new environment. So while you are mentally preparing for this change, you always want somebody to make the relocation process an effortless experience. Why not? This process can be more exciting when you have professional people in place to help you with the procedures smoothly. So it’s essential for you to select the bestpackers and movers chennai around the world to pamper your stuff conscientiously. Henceforth it's vital for you to hire the right company.

  3. Here are some tips as to what you can ask a moving company before you hire them. 1.  Registration of the company:This is the first thing that comes to mind when you come across any shifting company you want to know whether it’s a licensed company. Do they have government rights to perform the necessary action? Don’t forget to check the valid documents of the company you are planning to hire.

  4. 2.  Office location:visit the company at their office location and check with them if that is the permanent location of their office. Ask them again if that is the permanent spot to find them at any point of issue later while you have hired them.

  5. 3.  Documentation of the contract:You need to make sure with the person you are communicating from the company as to how you will get contact details and ask them if they will document their commitments on the paper with the company seal and the directors signature. Communication alone is not trustworthy, ask them to document every word said by them because you must have proof of the conversation that you had with the company.

  6. 4.  Confirmation of subcontracting:Confirm with the guys again if the contract is going to be done by them or they are going to outsource the work to some other movers. If they subcontract to some other people, you may have to face a rift in the communication style. Therefore make sure that you keep yourself away from such hassles. 5.  Safety of goods:While you are hiring a company it’s highly essential for you to ensure the security of your things. So it’s necessary to check with the company if they provide the safety of your materials by transit insurance.

  7. 6.  Service quotation:Ask for the breakup of the bill with the service title. Recheck the split of the quote thoroughly. And clarify any doubts and reconfirm if any extra charges are applicable towards the end of the contract. 7.  Mode of payments: Enquire about the method of payment. Whether it is going to be electronic, digital, or cash. You can ask for the comfortable payment mode. If it a good company it will accept any option as per your convenience.

  8. 8.    Delivery dates: Discuss the time duration that is required by them to relocate your things to a new location. Be swift about delivery dates and confirm twice and ask what can be done if there is a delay in the delivery. 9.  Investigate about loading procedure: Enquire with the company about the loading procedure they are going to follow. What kind of vehicle they will use and they going to hire transport or they have their own. Check the size and space.

  9. 10.  See the packing material: To ensure the safety of your articles it’s necessary to see the packing material used by the company. 11.Emergency warehouse facility; Check with your moving company if they have a storage facility in case of emergency or unexpected delay in getting your new possession. Kindly don’t hesitate to ask for help and contact us; we are the safest movers and packers. We extend the services to anywhere in the world. Contact our office in Bangalore and Chennai

  10. Visit us: Call us at: 7411247247 Mails us: