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These Colonies are Free and Independent States

John Adams to Abigail Adams. These Colonies are Free and Independent States. By: Natalia Nufio, Fernanda Tome, Fernando Sikaffy, and Juan Carlos Atala. Rhetorical Devices.

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These Colonies are Free and Independent States

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  1. John Adams to Abigail Adams These Colonies are Free and Independent States By: Natalia Nufio, Fernanda Tome, Fernando Sikaffy, and Juan Carlos Atala

  2. Rhetorical Devices • “How happy would it have made me to have taken this journey with you?” (Adam 683) The rhetorical device for appeal to emotion fits perfectly for this quote because he is telling the reader and letting her know how much he missed her and really wants to be with her. He surely feels sad and lonely and wants her by his side in this journey of his. Another rhetorical device used on this quote is the rhetorical question. John is stating all of the feelings above in a short question. Though the question is very short and brief he says a lot with it. • “I have not fortune enough to support my family and what is of more importance to support the dignity of that exalted station. It is too high and lifted up, for me; who delight in nothing so much retreat, solitude, silence and obscurity. In private life no one has a right to censure me for following my own inclinations, in retirement, simplicity and frugality: in public life every man has a right to remark as he pleases at least he thinks so.” (Adam 684) In this quote john usesappeal to pathos or pity a lot, he specked on how much he wants to be able to keep his family and other safe from the disease that is going around. He also speaks how much he wants to support the dignity of the station but his self esteem and self confidence won't let him do it, he wished. Could do it , but for now he will approve of it in silence. Appeal to reason also is shown in this quote, he is stating how much he supports and approves of the station and all of the things the doctor is doing. • “Britain has been filled with Folly, and America with Wisdom, at least this is my judgment.” (Adam 684) John states that he believes America is filled with wisdom while Britain is filled with folly he is stating very clearly what he thinks and believes. He is using the rhetorical device of appeal to reason. • “America shall suffer Calamities still more wasting and Distresses yet more dreadful.” (Adam 684) Appeal to pathos or pity is used on this brief quote. John states how his country ( America) will suffer more calamities and bad things ( more than the ones they have already suffered). • “But I must submit all my hopes and fears to an overruling Providence, in which, unfashionable as the Faith may be, I firmly believe.” (Adam 685) John shows appeal to reason by stating that he truly believes and still has faith. He doesn't care that it is very unfashionable to have faith. He does have faith and will keep on believing.

  3. Key Notes • 7. Miss Mary Palmer (Mrs. Here stands for “Mistress”) (1746-1791), a niece of the cranches’. • 8. Dr. Thomas Bulfinch (n.d.) inoculated Abagail Adams against smallpox. • 9. Rev. Whitney was from Massachusetts. Katherine Quincy (1733-1804) was a relative of Abigail’s. • 1. In an earlier letter, Abagail had informed John that James Warren had declined an appointment as associate justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court • 2. The editors of the Adams family correspondence note that this letter “and the next one of the same date were written between the act of independence itself and the adoption of the statement designed to ‘justify it in the sight of god and man’ ” • 3. Writs of assistance were general search warrants and, as such, a threat to civil liberty.

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