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Kitchen Brigade System PowerPoint Presentation
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Kitchen Brigade System

Kitchen Brigade System

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Kitchen Brigade System

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    1. Kitchen Brigade System Culinary Arts

    2. Background Developed by Escoffier Streamlines and simplifies work in hotel kitchens Eliminates chaos and duplication of effort Each position has a station and defined tasks.

    3. Chef (chief) Responsible for all kitchen operations Ordering Supervision of all stations Development of menu items a.k.a. chef de cuisine or executive chef

    4. Sous (under) Chef 2nd in command Answers to chef Responsible for scheduling Fills in for chef Assists the station chefs as needed Smaller operation may not have a sous chef

    5. Station Chefs (chefs de partie) A.K.A. line cooks and include: Saucier saute station Poissonier fish station Rtisseur roast station Grillardin grill station Friturier fry station Entremetier vegetable station Tournant roundsman Garde-manger pantry chef Boucher butcher Ptissier pastry chef

    6. Saucier Saut station Responsible for all sauted items and sauces Considered the most demanding, responsible, and glamorous on the line

    7. Poissonier Fish station Responsible for fish items Includes butchering Their sauces Sometimes combined with saucier position

    8. Rtisseur Roast station Responsible for all roasted foods and related jus or other sauces.

    9. Grillardin Grill station Responsible for all grilled foods May be combined with Rtisseur

    10. Friturier Responsible for all fried foods May be combined with Rtisseur

    11. Entremetier Responsible for hot appetizers Frequently does the soups and vegetables, starches and pastas May also do egg dishes In a fully traditional brigade system: Potager soup station Legumier - vegetables

    12. Tournant Roundsman a.k.a. swing cook Works as needed throughout kitchen

    13. Garde-manger Pantry chef Considered separate category of kitchen work Cold food preparations Salads Cold appetizers Pts

    14. Boucher Butcher Butchers meats, poultry, and occasionally fish May bread meat and fish items Often considered part of garde-manger

    15. Ptissier Pastry chef Responsible for baked items, pastries and desserts Often supervises separate kitchen area or separate shop in larger operations Areas of specialization: Confiseur prepares candies, petits fours Boulanger prepares non-sweetened doughs Glacier prepares frozen and cold desserts Cecorateur prepares show pieces and special cakes

    16. Other brigade positions: Aboyeur expediter or announcer: accepts orders from dining room and relays to various stations chefs Is last person to see plate before it leaves kitchen. This could also be the sous chef or kitchen steward Communard cooks for the staff Assistant works under a chef de partie to learn the station and its responsibilities

    17. Dining Room Brigade System Front of the House Chain of command: Matre dhtel dining room manager, host or hostess Chef de vin or sommelier wine steward Chef de salle head waiter Chef dtage - captain Chef de rang front waiter Demi-chef de rang or commis de rang back waiter or busboy

    18. Matre dhtel Dining room manager, host, or hostess Most responsible for front-of-the-house operation Trains all service personnel Oversees wine selection Works with chef to determine the menu Organizes seating throughout service

    19. Chef de vin Wine steward Responsible for all aspects of restaurant wine service Includes: Purchasing wines Preparing a wine list Assisting guests in wine selection Serving wine properly Ma be assumed by the Matre dhtel

    20. Chef de salle Head waiter In charge of service for entire dining room Position is often included in either captain or matre dhtel

    21. Chef d'tage Captain Deals directly with guests once seated Explains menu Answers any question Takes order Does tableside food preparation If no captain responsibilities fall to front waiter

    22. Chef de rang Front waiter Assures table is properly set for each course Food is properly delivered to table Sees that needs of guests are promptly and courteously met.

    23. Demi-chef de rang Back waiter or busboy Normally first position assisgned to new dining room workers Clears plates between courses Fills water glasses, bread baskets Assists the front waiter and/or captain as needed.

    24. Summary Brigade systems used in both kitchen and dining rooms have clearly defined jobs. Having clearly defined job descriptions keeps a restaurant organized. A good manager creates an environment where everyone feels they have a distinct and measurable contribution to make within the organization. Recruitment and retention of employees is easier with proper management.

    25. The End