fanling public school p 4a 23 ling tsz ting n.
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Fanling Public School P.4A (23) Ling Tsz Ting PowerPoint Presentation
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Fanling Public School P.4A (23) Ling Tsz Ting

Fanling Public School P.4A (23) Ling Tsz Ting

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Fanling Public School P.4A (23) Ling Tsz Ting

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  1. Fanling Public SchoolP.4A (23)Ling Tsz Ting

  2. A Planting Tale

  3. Emma and Rosa were fairies. They were good friends. Emma was lazy and Rosa was hardworking.

  4. But they liked the different. Emma liked jewels and Rose liked flowers.

  5. One day, Rosa gave a packet of seeds to Emma. “These seeds can grow into jewels.”she said.

  6. Emma was greedy. So she took the seeds, hoping they will really grow into jewels.

  7. Everyday, the two fairies came to check the jewels. Time quickly passed by and Emma’s jewels began to grow.

  8. A few days later, something green sprouted from the ground. “These are the jewel plants’ stems.” said Rosa.

  9. A week went by, and some oval shaped things grew on the stems. “Those are the jewels plants’ leaves,”said Rosa.

  10. A month passed and some white buds were perched on top of the stems. “That’s the jewels’ flowers. They will bloom in a few days.”said Rosa.

  11. Then one day, the flowers bloomed. Emma was very excited as she could pick the jewels in a moment.

  12. But to her surprise, the seeds bloomed into gorgeous lilies, not jewels!

  13. Emma was puzzled and thought “Rosa is my best friend, why she played a trick on me?”

  14. So she went to ask Rosa, Rosa just answered “I’m sorry, please forgive me but I want to let you know something.”

  15. Rosa continued “I gave you those seeds to tell you that the hardworking person gets the best, these flowers are as valuable as jewels.”

  16. So Emma smiled and forgave her best friend. These true friends were lived happily ever after.

  17. The End