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Drug Treatment Center California: What Is Heroin Addiction Treatment? PowerPoint Presentation
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Drug Treatment Center California: What Is Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Drug Treatment Center California: What Is Heroin Addiction Treatment?

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Drug Treatment Center California: What Is Heroin Addiction Treatment?

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  1. Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

  2. Drug Treatment Center California: What Is Heroin Addiction Treatment? Do you or a loved one suffers from heroin addiction? If yes, perhaps it about time you get treated at the Drug Treatment Center California. Why? Heroin addiction is a deadly type of addiction that if not treated could lead to long-term side effects like mental deterioration, health problems and other extreme side effects. Below is a quick overview on heroin addiction treatment. • Detoxification Process • The first line of treatment for Heroin addiction is detoxification because this medical procedure aims to remove the dependency of the addict to this type of drug and eliminate all the harmful toxins left inside the system. During the detoxification, the patient will be given medications, therapy session and other treatments to reduce or at least control the withdrawal symptoms. After the patient successfully recovered from the detox, he or she is required to undergo a series of counseling and therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy to ensure full recovery.

  3. Medication Replacement Treatment Overcoming Heroin Addictioncan be a struggle on the part of the user and certain medication replacement treatment programs are given and may include: • Prescription of methadone and suboxone are given to patients with heroin addiction as part of the replacement therapy. These medicines may cause sedation, but will still allow the patient resume to his or her daily activities. • Administration of these replacement medicines are done under the supervision of a doctor to assure no misuse or overdosing happens. • Other pharmacological medications are given to treat addiction such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone. Buprenorphine is widely prescribed because this medicine is less prone to being addictive and may not cause euphoria or feeling high. This medicine is proven to minimize the addict’s physical dependency on heroin. Naltrexone is another medicine prescribed to people with heroin addiction and has the component of blocking the effects of heroin and opiates. This medicine helps the addict to stay away from this drug because they know that taking heroin with not produce the high effect or having fun.

  4. Behavioral Therapy Treatment Behavioral therapy plays a major part of the heroin addiction treatment program. This treatment helps the addict learn the negative effects of this drug use and the possibility of a relapse. Behavioral therapy is done as outpatient and inpatient at the drug treatment center California and may cover the following: • Contingency management • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) • Exposure therapy • Behavioral activation • Biofeedback Outpatient Treatment For Heroin Addiction This treatment option is given to heroin users with minor case of addiction. Under the outpatient treatment that can be done at Drug Treatment Center California, the addict will attend regular counseling and therapy sessions.

  5. Inpatient Treatment For Heroin Addiction Inpatient is advised to a heroin user with extensive level of addiction and has serious health condition that needs to be monitored. This treatment is also given to a heroin user who wasn’t successful from abstaining from heroin use in the past. The average inpatient treatment program for heroin addiction will last for 90 days or more depending of the amount of heroin use, length of use as well as the physical and psychological dependence of the addict. Website -

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