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Brian Wickham

Brian Wickham

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Brian Wickham

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  2. Creation of Brainstorming & Implementation Team • Result – A Team comprising the Principals of Trinity College East (TCE) and Bishop Anstey High School East (BAHSE) the Director of the Schools, the Network Manager, the Assistant Network Manager, six HOD’s and one Dean was formed. The Principal of TCE sat as Chair of this team. This team continued as the Implementation Team.

  3. Staff Sensitization • Staff were informed both in a staff meeting and through their Department Heads of the process, the way ahead and recommendations made were forwarded via the HOD’s who formed part of the Implementation Team. Staff were also informed of the distribution process and volunteers identified to assist in the distribution process.

  4. Security Meeting/ Storage and Safety Issues • On the assigned day, the police were alerted that students were to be receiving their laptops and they sent extra patrols to look after the welfare of our students. • The School Safety Officers were briefed by the Premises Manager on the fact that the students would have the machines on them and extra cameras were installed at the storage points identified for the laptops.

  5. Security Meeting/ Storage and Safety Issues • Rooms were also identified to store laptops before they were distributed to parents. • The Property Department refurbished and reinforced all lockers for safe storage during school hours.

  6. Parent Meeting • Parent meeting was organized and parents were alerted to the various policies of the MOE on the use of laptops, and responsibilities attached. They were given information from the MOE website, along with all other pertinent documents.

  7. Parent Meeting • Parents were informed of the security measures put in place by the school and given tips on how to guide the students on securing their machines when not in use. • A proposal was also put forward to parents to share the cost of purchase for charging carts (50% parents/ 50% school) as carts would simultaneously charge and secure 36 laptops at once.

  8. Parent Meeting • Parents were advised to purchase Laptop locks to better secure their machines and minimize chances of theft. • They were advised that lockers WERE NOT to be used for storing laptops overnight. • Parents were also informed that in eventuality of theft, a report MUST be made to the nearest police station within ASAP (within 24 hours).

  9. Parent Meeting • Parents were introduced to tools utlized by staff of the infusion of ICT into the curriculum such as – • Moodle( (abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) and • Classmarker – , an assessment program

  10. Parent Meeting • Parents were also advised on the pros and cons of social networking sites such as facebook ( and given advice on to how to effectively deal with concerns they may face. Cyber-Safety issues were discussed in this session. • Parents were also advised to utilize free tracking tools such as Parental Guidance from to monitor the use of facebook.

  11. To Do List - • Parent education sessions on using and monitoring use of the laptops. • Sensitization sessions for students to better equip them with tools that would see optimal use of machines. • Training of Departments by staff exposed to ICT seminar hosted by MOE. • The Implementation Committee will continue to meet on a monthly basis • Revision of Form 1 IT Curriculum. • Monthly Reports to be submitted by Departments • CONTINUED VIGILANCE !!