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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings! PowerPoint Presentation
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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

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  1. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings! How would you rate your weekly club meetings? How could you make club meetings more effective? What about the venue for your weekly meeting? How are decisions made at club Council meetings? How do you make Council meetings more effective? How can you prepare for the DGs visit? How can you engage members when the DG visits?

  2. Leading Rotarians What are important leadership skills for your role? How will you motivate club members? How will you select and prepare your club leadership team? What are your concerns about working with other club leaders? How will you handle disagreements between club leaders? How do you communicate with district leaders? What will you do to ensure continuity in leadership?

  3. Engaging Rotarians What does your club do to attract & engage both new and current members? How do you train new and current members? How do you keep members informed? How do you involve all members in a project, activity or leadership role? What does your club do to recognise members for their efforts? Is your club diverse? If not, how could it become more diverse? What does diversity mean?

  4. Engaging Rotarians Share ideas for communicating with and engaging current members. 5 Ideas per table on a flip chart Share ideas to attract and engage new members on an ongoing basis. 5 Ideas per table on a flip chart