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Bob Moretti - Importance of Roofing Materials PowerPoint Presentation
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Bob Moretti - Importance of Roofing Materials

Bob Moretti - Importance of Roofing Materials

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Bob Moretti - Importance of Roofing Materials

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  1. Bob MorettiImportance of Roofing Materials As an MBA, CSI, and CDT certified architectural specialist, Bob Moretti knows what makes a roof top quality. If you are thinking about building a new roof, you should be aware of a few key aspects, including the one that is quite possibly the most important: the quality of your materials. One could argue that this characteristic is equally crucial to the foundation of your house. The same way as the foundation allows the whole building to be stable and safe, the roof will protect everything inside.

  2. Bob Moretti Potential Issues of Roofing Materials • Leakage and Moisture- Any roof that has leakage instantly loses its efficiency. The root of the problem can be a membrane error or the lack of moisture barrier, but the most important thing is that this needs to be avoided. • No Wind Uplift Resistance - Another relatively common problem is the lack of wind uplift resistance that can occur when the seams were not properly installed. The proper curing process requires some time and if the system is exposed to wind before the adhesive has fully worked, moisture can get trapped within, leading to further problems. • Poor Installation and Lack of Maintenance- A potentially faulty installation is bad for a variety of reasons. For starters, it could cause short-term problems or even jeopardize the structural integrity of the whole roof. Even if short-term problems are avoided, long-term fiascos can assuredly be expected. • Safety- Safety should be one of the most importance aspects of any roof installation. The good thing is that when hiring a quality company with a good reputation and for a roof built with the best materials, safety will likely not be an issue.

  3. Bob Moretti Roofing Guidelines As a technical specialist at Tremco, Bob Moretti has to be up to date on all safety guidelines and relevant protocols. He takes these tasks very seriously and provides a trustworthy and reliable service while being a valuable resource on low-slop and waterproofing systems. In addition to these very important guidelines, Mr. Moretti also provides valuable technical data that allows the contractors to provide top notch low-slope or waterproofing services to anybody who is interested.

  4. Bob Moretti Providing a Special Service As part of the Tremco team, Bob Moretti provides unique solutions to their customers. It is a relationship built on trust and mutual satisfaction, both of which are important staples of the business. Tremco delivers quality and diversity through their unique membrane roofing systems. These roofing solutions include the following types: single-ply, fluid applied, metal, built-up and modified bitumen. Each of these versions has their own special characteristics while providing a high base quality and prolonged durability.

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