nanoparticle sirna conjugates n.
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sirna nanoparticles

sirna nanoparticles

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sirna nanoparticles

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  1. Nanoparticle-siRNA Conjugates The main challenges facing the application of siRNA therapeutics include the stability and effective delivery of siRNA in vivo. Important advances in nanotechnology have greatly facilitated the development of efficient siRNA delivery systems. Relying on state-of-the-art biochemical facilities and years of experience in providing high-quality bioconjugate complexes, BOC RNA can provide you with custom nanoparticle-siRNA conjugate services with flexibility, repeatability and quality assurance. How to choose? Particle Types Particle Types Key Features and Advantages Key Features and Advantages Organic Nanoparticles Non-toxic, biocompatible Non-immunogenic Lipid-based nanocarriers Soluble agents Becoming an advantageous platform for delivering therapeutic agents Solid, biodegradable colloidal systems that have been widely studied as drugs or gene carriers Polymer-based nanocarriers PEI polymers are the best polymer-based nanoparticles for siRNA delivery due to their positive charge, molecular weight, and special branching patterns Extremely high stability Water solubility Dendrimers Reduced antigenicity Inorganic Nanocarriers Over the years, gold nanoparticles have been extensively studied as the ultimate candidate for siRNA Gold nanocarriers Excellent cell absorption Iron oxide nanocarriers

  2. Stable and modifiable The same thermal activation properties as gold nanoparticles Unique magnetic properties External magnetic fields can be used to improve the delivery of siRNA and/or therapeutic compounds to improve the cancer treatment effect For different applications, each conjugate has special requirements, including siRNA sequence and modification, nanoparticle size, charge, and chemical modification. At BOC RNA, we are committed to providing one-to-one technical support to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied and gets the best results. Services of BOC RNA Nanoparticle Platform RNA (siRNA / miRNA) Synthesis Choosing the best size nanoparticles Cross-linking siRNA to selected size nanoparticles Why Choose BOC RNA? Using our unique expertise in bioconjugation chemistry, we ensure the production of high-quality conjugates. High-quality, well-defined conjugates Flexible service options Experience and competence of a dedicated team References:

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