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2013--State and National Issues

2013--State and National Issues. Presented to 65 th FAPT Symposium June 25, 2013 Charlie Hood, FDOE. Kay Kanupp, Program Specialist. Terri Egler, Program Specialist. Jamie Warrington, Program Specialist. Student Transportation Funding. Student Transportation folded into FEFP in 2009-10

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2013--State and National Issues

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  1. 2013--State and National Issues Presented to 65th FAPT Symposium June 25, 2013 Charlie Hood, FDOE

  2. Kay Kanupp, Program Specialist

  3. Terri Egler, Program Specialist

  4. Jamie Warrington, Program Specialist

  5. Student Transportation Funding • Student Transportation folded into FEFP in 2009-10 • Recent appropriations: • 2011-12: $415,449,129 • 2012-13: $420,264,335 • 2013-14: $422,674,570 • Reimbursement for student transportation in decline (as proportion of cost) from 66% in 1995 to 45% (of operating cost; 2011-12)

  6. 2012 Legislation • HB 19 and SBs 344, 348 (failed)- would have allowed districts to sell advertising space on the exterior of school buses; local policies and safeguards required for size, placement, and appropriate content of ads; recent position papers from FAPT and NASDPTS on websites • OPPAGA released report in December 2011 assessing national data on advertising and charging fees

  7. 2012 Legislation • HB 1223 (Chapter 2012-181)- Highway Safety Bill- revised s. 316.183, FS, to allow school buses to travel posted speed limit (removed 55 mph limit, eff. Jan. 1, 2013) • HOWEVER, Rule 6A-3.0171, FAC still requires that school bus operators “drive always at a safe speed and never in excess of the legally posted speed limit in business or residential districts or fifty-five (55) miles per hour outside business or residential districts.”

  8. 2013 Legislative Bills • SB 950 and HB 669(failed)- Would have authorized use by school districts of “school bus safety cameras” to allow photo enforcement of school bus stop law • SB 52(now at Chapter 2013-58)- Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law prohibits motorists texting, e-mailing, and instant messaging while driving; constitutes secondary enforcement action; provides limited exceptions

  9. 2013 Legislative Bills • HB 1(failed)-Advertising on School Buses- Similar to bills introduced prior three years; (withdrawn, 2/13/13) • HB 3, SB 66 (failed)- Child Safety Devices- Would require children ages 4-8 to be in booster seats; school buses are exempted • HB 633 (now at Chapter 2013-142)- Exempts cities, counties, and schools that manufacturer biodiesel from reporting, bonding, and licensing

  10. 2013 Legislative Bills • HB 579 (now at Chapter 2013-198)- Natural Gas Motor Fuel; removes various fees and taxes on gaseous fuels used in motor vehicles; creates natural gas fleet fuel rebate program, administered by FDACS (workshop tomorrow…) • HB 7125 (now at Chapter 2013-160)- DHSMV bill; revises s. 316.3025, F.S., to apply federal prohibition on texting and cell phone use to all CDL drivers

  11. Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 284: School Emergencies • Emergency Notification • Amends subsection (4) of s. 1006.07, F.S., to require district school board policies to list the emergency response agencies that are responsible for notifying the school district of emergencies • Adds subsection (16) to s. 1002.42, F.S., to authorize private schools the option to participate in the school board’s emergency notification policy and procedures

  12. Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 284: School Emergencies • Epinephrine Auto-Injectors • Amends subsection (3) of s. 1002.20, F.S., to provide public schools the OPTION to purchase epinephrine auto-injectors from a Florida-licensed prescription drug wholesale distributor as defined in s. 499.003, F.S. • Adds subsection (17) to s. 1002.42, F.S., to provide private schools the OPTION to purchase epinephrine auto-injectors from a Florida-licensed prescription drug wholesale distributor as defined in s. 499.003, F.S.

  13. Epinephrine Auto-Injectors • Specific requirements for public and private schools who opt to purchase epinephrine auto-injectors: • Storage in a locked, secure location • Written protocol by a Florida-licensed physician for administration by trained school personnel to administer an epinephrine auto-injector to a student without parent authorization • Training school personnel to recognize when a student has a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) and how to administer an epinephrine auto-injector in accordance with protocol

  14. Epinephrine Auto-Injectors • Allows an authorized student to self-administer an epinephrine auto-injector that was purchased by the school • Removes school employees’ liability arising from administration of an epinephrine auto-injector unless done in a willful or wanton manner and removes liability from the physician who developed the protocol • Effective Date: July 1, 2013 • http://laws.flrules.org/files/Ch_2013_063.pdf

  15. Legislation, Statutes, and Rules • www.leg.state.fl.us (Florida legislative bills and statutes) • www.flrules.org (Florida rules and statutes, especially Chapter 6A-3, FAC, and Sections 1006.21 to 1006.27, and 1012.45, F.S.) • www.regulations.gov (federal rulemaking—dockets and public comments)

  16. 2013-14 Student Transportation General Instructions • Consolidates existing membership categories into five categories (admin change, does not change basic eligibility) • Other revisions clarify that: • artificial incentives for students to ride only during survey week are prohibited; • career and technical education transportation funding is only for grades 6-12; • special after-school routes not eligible; • summer trans funding only eligible for ESY, DJJ, and FEFP-funded programs (effective starting June 2014)

  17. Florida School Bus Inspection • 958 active school bus inspectors and trainers in the state • 866 certified Florida school bus inspectors • 92 inspector/trainers • 23 districts have no trainer • FAPT Inspection Committee is developing proposed 2014 updates to the Florida School Bus Safety Inspection Manual

  18. Driver License Records • No movement since last year on charging fees to school districts for bus operator driving records. • STMS requested from DOE that a data field be added to bus operator driving records containing the current MEC expiration date. • Any NWRDC access problems should go through Jamie @ DOE first, including password support. • There are three (3) reports available to all districts each week from NWRDC: • dpsXX.EMH.F62454 (P1)(P2)(P3) (Weekly Report) • dpsXX.EMH.F62324 (P1)(P2)(P3) (Annual Report) • dpsXX.EMH.F71199 (P1)(P2)(P3) (Data Dump)

  19. Report Number Location for new MEC Expiration Date

  20. Fatalities in 2011-12: • Baker, 7/11/11- Pedestrian student killed by car (not school bus related) • Santa Rosa, 11/10/11- Adult SUV driver killed in crash with school bus • Polk, 1/17/12- High school freshman girl died when run over by school bus while walking • Volusia, 2/2/12- High school boy hit by car (not school bus related)

  21. Fatalities in 2011-12: • St. Lucie, 3/26/12- 9-year old, Aaron Beauchamp, died on board bus that was hit by semi-truck • Duval, 5/4/12- 16-year old male student, Jessie Herr, exited emergency door of bus traveling about 40 mph and died later • Duval, 5/11/12- 30-year old bicyclist ran into bus and was killed

  22. Summary (2011-12) 1 SUV driver killed in crash with bus 1 pedestrian student killed when hit by school bus 1 adult bicyclist fatality when struck by bus 2 students killed while riding in school bus (1 jumped from the bus exit door) 2 pedestrian student fatalities (that we were made aware of) where school bus was not involved

  23. Fatalities in 2012-13: • Hillsborough, 9/6/12- 64-year old male car driver ran stop sign and was hit and killed by school bus • Duval, 9/12/12- Adult motorcycle driver ran into bus that was turning left in front of him and was killed • Hillsborough, 11/16/12- 13-year old girl pedestrian was killed by SUV while running for her school bus • Hernando, 6/3/13- 63-year old male car driver went across centerline and was killed when he collided head-on with a school bus

  24. Summary (2012-13) 2 car drivers killed in crash with bus 1 motorcyclist killed in crash with bus 1 pedestrian student killed chasing bus 1 shooting fatality on contracted bus serving charter school

  25. Crash Reporting Reminders: • Reporting threshold is $1,000, started 07-08 • DOE is continuing to require that districts reconcile district-reported numbers (DOE system) with police reports (DHSMV system) • DOE receives daily clippings from DHSMV of ALL fatal crashes in Florida • Possible changes–more from Kay

  26. Charter Schools • Now almost 600 in Florida; 200K students, and continuing to grow • Districts must ensure charter schools are following laws and rules relating to health and safety • Currently revising Charter Schools Transportation Resource Guide • Spring training for new charter schools and districts was held in May, 2013 • Charter schools transporting 44K students (about 27% of enrollment, vs. 38% for other schools, as of 2011-12)

  27. www.FloridaSchoolBusSafety.gov

  28. State Poster Contest Winners

  29. Florida Poster Winners • Div. I, Jenny Liu, Volusia • Div. II, RiaKolluru, Volusia • Div. III, Megan Finn, Seminole • Div. IV, McKenzie Spong, Charlotte, 2nd place national winner • Div. V, Elizabeth Trail, Manatee, 3rd place national winner

  30. SESPTC Scholarships • SESPTC awarded one $2,500 scholarship this year for 2013-14 college expenses to a graduating Florida high school senior • Student receiving award was from Gilchrist • For next year’s opportunity, contact Charlie.Hood@fldoe.org

  31. Hot Topics in Yellow World • Transportation Security • Distracted Driving • Drive-bys • FUNDING challenges, service cutbacks, threats to ridership, OLD buses • Records checks; MECs, NRCME

  32. FAPT Website and ListServe • www.FAPTFlorida.org • Calendar of Events • faptgroup@faptflorida.org- Use this address if you want to send email to all FAPT General Members • faptsuppliers@faptflorida.org- for FAPT Supplier Members

  33. Contact FAPT at: • (407) GRO-FAPT (476-3278); new FAPT central phone number • ExecDir@FAPTFlorida.org • www.FAPTFlorida.org

  34. Resources and Links: • www.flrules.org/default.asp • www.leg.state.fl.us • www.fldoe.org/transportation • www.FAPTFlorida.org • www.NASDPTS.org • www.AmericanSchoolBusCouncil.org

  35. Questions and Comments?www.fldoe.org/transportationCharlie.Hood@fldoe.org orSchtrans@fldoe.org

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